Xbox or PS2?

Ok, OG Gamers - I need your advice.

I'm in Iraq working for a govt. contractor. I'm looking at buying a console to play out here, but I'm unsure which one. I won't be getting store bought versions, rather versions from the local Markets that are brought to the base. Here is what I have avaialable to me:

-PS2 (slim version) -- console w/mod chip 1 controller, 5 games of my choice): $220

-Xbox -- console w/mod chip, 1 controller, 5 games of my choice$250

I don't think either comes w/a memory card. Memory card for the PS2 is $25. Card for the Xbox is probably the same.

I know you can get store bought consoles cheaper and mod them yourself, but I'm a techno moron, so this is the quick-fix. There is a somewhat limited availability on games, but I can give the guy a title, and he can go out and find them in the markets pretty easily.

I've got a PS2 back in the States, and really like it. I tend to like games like God of War, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Silent Hill, etc. Sports games are Ok, but not necessarily my thing. I like games that make you "think." Not necessarily just button pushers or run around the maze and find everything. I also like scary games.

Which one should I get? Also, which games should I look for? The last game I really played was God of War - before that it was probably Devil May Cry 3. It's been a while...

I'd be interested in Fable, 24, and the newest Xmen game.



Get a PC

dont need a memory card for the xbox

Can you bring it home with you? If yes, it would seem silly to but two PS2s. X-Box also has a lot more options when modded. Doesn't need a a memory card.

What are the 5 games each comes with?

Get a PC

For $250?