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LMAO packed with quality releases.

Maybe that's why Xbox software sales were up 130% last month?

'Maybe that's why Xbox software sales were up 130% last month?'

Probably. Everyone must be salivating at the thought of getting 'Pure Pinball'.

Press Release:

In the time before E3, many analysts were saying that, as a result of its $149 price drop, the Xbox had begun to outsell the PlayStation 2 in the US American Technology Research analyst P.J. McNealy told CBS Marketwatch that Microsoft's console sold 270,000 units during the month, compared to 200,000 PS2s and 100,000 Nintendo GameCubes.

Today, Microsoft echoed McNealy's assertion, announcing that the Xbox was indeed America's top-selling console in April. In a press release, Microsoft claimed the Xbox captured 51 percent of the US console market in the month following the March 30 price drop, with sales up 135 percent by volume compared to 2003. Comparatively, PlayStation 2 sales declined 29 percent to hit a 32-percent share, while the Nintendo GameCube sales dropped 5 percent to a 17-percent market share.

Curiously, Microsoft didn't give specific sales numbers as McNealy did. However, the company did claim all its figures were from NPD, the top American game-market research firm whose studies are the industry standard. Microsoft also cited European data from GfK and ChartTrack, NPD European equivalents, which said the Xbox's market share increased from 23 to 26 percent in April in the UK, France, and Germany combined.