Xbox System link cable

Hey do any of you guys know how many feet the xbox system link cable is? I have been to best buy and Circuit City and all of the staff have no clue how long the cable is. Also it is not even listed on the package of the system link cable.
Secondly could I just buy another type of cable in order to link up the two boxes. One staff member thought I could also use a "Patch" cable, I think that was the name. That way I could just buy 50ft of cable.
Any help would be great.....................

6 inches.

Is it possible to use cross over cable when linking the xbox with another xbox?

That is what I thought. I already have 50ft of cross over cable becauase my Mpowered pc dsl internet connection will only work when using that cross over cable.

Thanks for the info guys, except for "WASABI" who makes worthless comments.