Xbox vs. PS2

A) People all over this board stating opinions like they are facts need to do us all a favor and suicide themselves please. You are not the gospel.

B) It's just video games. Some of you children are acting like your social well being is being decided on whether or not you are able to convince every single person on this board to embrace your opinion. Relax and grow up.

C) Try starting some positive threads on games you like or topics you want to generate discussion on instead of showing up on every thread you have no interest in just to hate on it.

That is all.

lol! what a dick-tuck.

The PS2 is worse than Hitler!

I agree completely.

Polygon counts, texture effects, sales figures, storage space, market saturation, and processor clock speeds really don't mean shit if you're enjoying the game you're playing. And if you're not enjoying the game, none of that crap is going to help either.

Super Mario World on snes still beats 50% of the games out there on ps2 and xbox.

Right. Would you pay $50 to buy Mario World today? Would you fuck.

I recently bought a PS2 and the big drawback I have seen is when you have a game like Max Payne and you can't save anywhere. That ruined the game for me, because I don't have the dedication to keep replaying the scene over and over. On computer and XBOX you can save anywhere.

Would you pay $50 to buy Mario World today?

Original NES cart sealed in the box? Yes.

you have a game like Max Payne and you can't save anywhere

For some games on the PS2, you can save anywhere. Even Dynasty Warriors, with hundreds of guys on screen at once, you can save anywhere. Deus Ex had more going on in a level than MP, but you could save anywhere.

I'm not sure why some developers do the once-per-level thing. Mem card space? Upping the challenge?

Willybone, I salute you.

And I'm saluting you back as another gamer with an open mind.

I don't get the hate.

They are both good systems with good games. Some games are better than others. Both systems have good exclusives.

Just buy them both like I did.

"Original NES cart sealed in the box? Yes"

No. We are taking the game purely on its playability merits, not for any collector's value it may have. Assume it had just been released for the first time ever today alongside Doom 3.

In that case, no, I wouldn't. (Although I would pay $30 to get it on GBA, so I value it at 60% of what you're asking about.)

Likewise, I wouldn't pay $200 for a new video card, either. The fun/cost ratio doesn't work out well in my mind for either of them, compared to what else is available.

Does that mean other people are deluded losers for thinking the ratio works out for them? No. It's just a difference of opinion.

PC, PS2, XBox, and (yes even) GC all have great games out that are fun. Dismissing a whole system based on specs, sales figures, or market saturation is fanboy shit, and has nothing to do with fun or satisfaction.

Personally, I don't judge games by their system. I judge them on how much I enjoy playing them.

Maybe I'm just less hung-up on frame rates and poly counts than some other people are. Only rarely do these things seriously cut into my enjoyment. I'd still play MechWarrior3 if I could, even though the graphics are ass by today's standards. The fun hasn't evaporated simply because other games for newer systems exist.

thanks to all and ttt for willybone

"Right. Would you pay $50 to buy Mario World today? Would you fuck."

Theres no need for profanity. If Mario World came out today and I had played it I would definetly buy it. That thing had more fun and replay value than half the shit out there today. Graphics and specs doesn't equal quality games.

Dont get me wrong, there is some insane stuff out there today. But too often games are hyped up due to graphics or pop-culture stuff and they're garbage. Like True Crime. Just blatantly ripping off a good game doesnt make your game good. Like Blood Wake. Sometimes it turns out better, like Dead To Rights.

There's like ONE trhead in the top 20 about competing systems, and in that thread there's some good humour being flung about too...

Overly sensitive? I think so.

Sorry buddy.

That's alright, we can all help. We're a community.


I was talking about video games with a friend of mine in Game Design.

I asked him why so many of today's game's either suck, or are rip off of others?

He said that it unfortunately comes down to money (I guess we all could have figured that out) - specifically profit maximization.

This is why so many games based on movies get made, and why they are almost all shitty. They know before the game gets made that it will sell a certain amount of copies no matter how much it sucks.

They don't want to put in enough money to make good games, so rarely they do.

Patk - has spoke the cOORECT - u cant go wrong with both like do and pat does.

as well as WASABI :)

My PS2 is a doorstop, mod chips can ruin your system. Before it stopped working it did have some good games, FIFA is better on PS2 then XBOX. XBOX is my preferred system, but PS2 isn't all bad.

"FIFA is better on PS2 then XBOX."

You've got a PS2 any you're playing Fifa over ISS (Winning Eleven?).

Willybone has spoken so lets all SUCK IT UP!!