Xbox X games?

I mostly pc game, rpg type stuff.

Bought an Xbox X and have played it one time. I own a TON of games from Cyberpunk to Divinity original sin. Just can’t seem to get into any of them.

Recommended games?

Are you talking Series X or the One X, if you’re talking the Series X , I say use the trick where you can get 3 years of Ultimate Game Pass for the price of 3 years gold and go from there. If you don’t want Game pass, get Flight Simulator an absolutely beautiful game

Big video game guy played maneater on gamepass a few weekends ago. Finished it last weekend. Good time, fun game. Flawed but enjoyed.

X com 2 is best game ever imo. Strategy, like dumbed down sci Fi chess. Just play with path of the chosen dlc. It’s a last gen game, doesn’t matter. Love this game so much.