XBox360 Middleweight Kickboxing Tournament


- Pride rules
- 3 rounds
- Equalized Stats and Simulation Setting
- KO or Decision only
- Clinching is allowed but you must separate immediately (no strikes)

First 16 to post their GT is in Phone Post

Sure in 

My boy says yes his GT is Deltawade117 message him anytime he's the best I've played in person by far Phone Post

What's your guys gamer tags? Phone Post

PurgeyxFayle is in. :D Phone Post

Deltawade117 and Xv RS vX are in the first is on right now Phone Post

Sub'd Phone Post

I'm shitty but I'm in Phone Post

THAT SHIII CRAY is the tag I'm in! Phone Post

in GT: TehRicePicker Phone Post

 start it tonight

 start it tonight

bornop - In
Swagneto I

Purgey it looks like you started a trend Phone Post

So far I think this is tournament #6..2 of those are me and Fedors. It appears so. :( Phone Post

In, Godz x Silence Phone Post

If there is any room left I'm in GT: Klownoh I work Grave yard Mon - Fri so I don't know if that will be a problem depending what time you want to do it Phone Post

Mrlfthook2u checkin when are we fighting in the first round of.the lightweight tournament Phone Post


Sylade would like to join. Phone Post

 We doing this?

Gt: jakesallday Phone Post