XCF 5 "Night of Champions" May 28

Xtreme Cage Fighter promotions is proud to announce XCF 5 "Night of Champions" Friday May 28th at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix Az. Come to Arizona's premier sports entertainment venue and see Arizona's best fighters compete in America's most exciting sport.

Tickets are $20-general, $35-reserved and $50-front row.

Sponsorship tables are available at XCF@npgcable.com.

call the box office at (602) 267-1600 for tickets or go to the website Celebritytheatre.com. Please do not buy tickets from any source other than Ticketmaster or the Celebrity Theatre box office.


XCF Light Heavyweight Championship

Shane "Battlecat" Johnson vs Joe "Diesel" Riggs

XCF Welterweight Cahampionship

Drew Fickett vs Kyle Brees

Feature Fights

Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch vs Emmitt Elvera
(Todd Medinas)

Bryan Pardoe vs Steve Sage

Ray Elbe vs Brandon Melendez

Melesio Perales vs Ray Steinbeiss

Robert Maldonado vs Tim Carey

Michael Perales vs Stacy Hakes

Frank sanchez vs Ricky Beach

More fights to be announced soon...

(as always fight card subject to change)


and from The Roufus Kickboxing Center...

Richy Hightower- that should be a great fight...

Connie and Chuck Thank you for stepping up!

Don Frye and Rick Roufus will be in my corner
on the 28th,,,see you next fri.

Best wishes
Shannon "The Cannon"

the number for the Venue box office is (602) 267-1600
TIX $20 / $35 / $50


we are getting close!!! Fickett/Brees is going to be the fight of the night...win or lose...I'm leaving my heart and soul inside the ring.

Good luck to you Kyle, and to Drew. This is the best fight AZ will see for a while.

Hi guys,
I want to thank all of you that are in and/or helping us out w/ this event. So sorry there will be no brownies or cookies as I will not be able to bake for you while Im not in my own home town.... but rest assured...next hometown show in Lake Havasu I will come thru for you with the goodies.
;) Connie

hi guys, cant wait for the show, should be great, be home sunday will give a ring..

TTT chuck and connie for putting on a great show!!!


So Scott what's up with the light heavy weight title fight? Joe can't be fighting for the lhw title when I own it and I'll be in town to get my belt partner.Which I have been waiting for since the first show you threw. Or is it that this is like all the other fights you promised me!!!Come on answer it scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!First it's one thing to tell me that the Gracies won't let Tim Mckinsey fight me but to not call me back to tell me I'm not even on the card is another thing! The second is to keep blowing smoke up my a$$,don't you think? Thirdly the boxing commission will be there to make sure I do get my belt...

Respectfully A-DAWG
P.S answer the damn question cause,I know you won't answer your phone!!AND DON'T TALK NO $HIT.

Everyone keep TTT it until he answers it.Help a brother out.THANKS

This is not an Evolution show. This is an Xtreme Cage Fighter promotions event. If anyone ever told you otherwise they were wrong. Scott was going to help with the show. That is no longer the case. I would love to promote you A-Dawg. I am sorry for any confusion. Please e mail me. XCF@npgcable.com.

Chuck, not to come down on you, but from the get go Scott has been saying this is an evolution show and not once has he ever mentioned about it being anything other than that!If you check the marquee at the Celebrity it says it's an evolution show in which I own the LHW belt so, I think you need to talk to Scooter about what he has on the marquee in phoenix... But on a lighter note good luck in your show and to my little brother Joe.This is my last year so if you can help cool and if not still cool.


I hope I never see Scott again, let alone talk to him.
I can't get into it for legal reasons, but it is ugly. I will promote you. Give me some names of guys you want to fight. We can still work to get you on the card. as far as the marque, it will be changed. If not this card, we have more fights planned for the near future. XCF@npgcable.com shoot me an e mail.

TTT for Chuck and Connie, and for a great card!

adawg would be great on the card. what up dawg...theres alot of great fights, fickett breese,riggs and shane, but i think ray and melesio is going to be a hell of a fight..should be a great night. i hear a very handsome, studdly man may be doing the announcing.

TTT for two great people and honest promoters Chuck and Connie!!!

1st, Hobag is the man!

2nd, Vince will be great if MC's.

3rd, I hope the show goes out nice. Best of luck to all those involved.

Ray Elbe, is the most under-rated fighter in Az and shall prevail. IF he sees tomorrow.

jm you knew i was the only good looking guy out there, thanks j.