XCF Ames Results.

First off I just want to say this was one of if not the best show I have been to in person. Great fights.
I didn't get the times on these.


Amateur card

  1. TYLER ANDERSON VS MATT DEMPSEY Matt won via tapout strikes in the first

  2. JESSE WILSON VS TONY SMITH Jesse won via Tapout strikes in the first.


    2:40 1st round

  2. MATT HIRSCH VS JEREMY HART Jeremy Hart won via doc stop from cut in the 2nd. Great back and forth fight.

  3. Amesquita vs. Tyler Lane Tyler lane won via KO in the first

4.HEATH JOHNSON VS MATT DEWOLFE Heath won via ref stop in the 2nd. But there is some contraversy I'm not going to get into now.


6.JOSH RAVE VS ZACH JENKINS Josh Rave won via Brabo choke in the 3rd. Very technical fight. Both guys did a great job.

7.MIKE VAN MEER VS KYLE OLSEN Mini van won via dec. At one point the cage flew open and mini van fell out landing on concrete head and back first. After recouping for about four minutes he got back in the cage and finished the fight. Winning every round. It was really amazing he even got up.

  1. DAN HUTTON VS RUDY PAPAKEE Rudy won via tapout from strikes in the 2nd. dominated the whole fight.


9.VICTOR MORENO VS SHANE WESSELS Shane won via tapout to an ankle lock in the 2nd winning me $10. Thanks shane. Big upset here.

10.GREG HAMMAR VS DAVE HERMAN Dave won via tapout from one elbow. This fight was the only disapointment of the show.

11.JOHN HALVERSON VS TOM AHRENS john won via triangle with 5 seconds left in the fight. This might have been fight of the night. Tom Dominated most of the fight and was sure to get the dicission untill he passed out from the triangle. Thia would have been a huge upset and almost happend. great job by both guys. and for John showing a lot of heart at the end and not giving up.


  1. JOSH NEER VS JASPER MAYFIELD Josh won via ref stop round 1

  2. JUSTIN EILERS VS SCOTT HOUGH Justin won via ref stop in the 1st Scott did well though almost catching an omo plata and it looked like he rocked Eilers once. But then again that might have only made Justin mad.

I think I'm missing some but not sure I'll have to get back.


were you at the event?

Suprised about the Jenkins fight.

As far as wessels... just like to say told you he was tough.

Coliseum Carnage 1 – 4/28/07

Ryan Stodden??? v Jesse Wilson Wilson 1:36 Rd 1 – Tap to strikes

Matt Dempsey v Tyler Anderson Anderson :43 Rd 1 – Tap to strikes

Bout #
1 John Swanberg v Micah Bowles Swanberg 2:40 Rd 1 – Tap to rear naked choke

2 Ben Thoma v Tom Mastin Thoma 3:02 Rd 1 – Tap to strikes

3 Matt Hirsch v Jeremy Hart Hart 2:57 Rd 1 – Doctor's stoppage

4 Heath Johnson v Matt Dewolfe Johnson 2:44 Rd 1 – Tap to strikes

5 Tyler Lane v Tom Amaquita Lane :53 Rd 1 – Knock Out

6 Josh Rave v Zach Jenkins Rave 2:53 Rd 3 Tap to triangle choke

7 Mike Van Meer v Kyle Olsen Van Meer – Unanimous Judges Decision

8 Dan Hutton v Rudy Papakee Papakee 2:32 Rd 2 – Tap to strikes

9 Victor Morano v Shane Wessels Wessels 1:57 Rd 2 Tap to Achilles lock

10 Greg Hammar v Dave Herman Herman 1:13 Rd 1 – Tap to strikes

11 John Halverson v Tom Ahrens Halverson 4:59 Rd 3 – Submission – Triangle

12 Josh Neer v Tyson Burris Neer 2:31 Rd 1 – Tap to strikes

13 Justin Eilers v Scott Hough Eilers 4:11 Rd 1 – Ref stoppage-

what was your opinion on the show Gobott??

Congrats to Warparty Fight Club member Rudy Papakee
wish i could of been there.

tyrone he absolutly destroyed hutton.

Was you judging mad sexy1?

I thought the show was awesome

Yes I was judging.