XFC 15-Dont waste of time, try Art of Fighting 14

yes XFC may be on HDNet and get more of the press on websites like mmamania.com & mmajunkie.com, but try AOF out and I think you will like them. Aof is a more grounded organization who is tehre for you all the time. They arent trying to go to China or Greece, they entertain FL fight fans. There show happen on a more regular basis as well. Aof uses local talent, where XFC tries to make their cards appear better by using for UFC TUF fighters, they think since they can say they were UFC Fighters more fans will care. Honestly most of these guys that were of TUF, never had the skills to warrant their chance to the UFC, it was about marketability. YEs Art of Fighting has a TV deal and they have some guys with Big Level MMA expereince. Check them out at www.aofmma.com they will deliver for you again on December 10th in St Petersburg!

Is AOF hiring for an editor position Phone Post

AOF is an awesome show. I cant wait, John "Doo Doo" Brown against Boom Boom Buchovich and Alan Belchers 19 year old prodigy Jason "The Kid" Knight 5-0 is fighting Giovanni Brugnoni out of ATT 4-0...

Going to be a great night..

TTT for Art Of Fighting

 hey fuck that. felice herrig is fighting on that XFC card

John Doo Doo Brown Wins by TKO 2nd round!!!