XFC 3 : needs fighters

Extreme Fighting Challenge 3 has just been confirmed for June 12th. XFC will return to the Prince George Multiplex for it's third annual show.

XFC is sanctioned by the Prince George athletic commission and will operate under full UFC rules.

All fighters who are interested in booking a spot please email me directly at fightclubca@shaw.ca

This card is quickly becoming the biggest event in Canada west of Quebec. XFC1 brought in over 1200 spectators, XFC2 over 1700 and this year we are looking to break 2000. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of this exciting event. Big sound, bright lights, huge venue and rabid fans, what could be better?

Bill "the Butcher" Mahood
PG Fight Club fightclubca@shaw.ca



Is the XFC a Mike Miles event or put on by you and Bruno?

Joe; We had our first event here in PG June 2002. At that time we never knew there was an event in Calgary with the same name. I think though we had the name in use first. In any event we have no plans on any shows outside of PG so the name similarity should not matter.
Bill Mahood


Yeah those guys guys at National are pretty chilled out so there shouldn't be any problem..........*waits to get contacted by lawyers*

Bill, we may have some fighters who are interested. Maybe you could email me or Rodrigo, and let us know what weight you need fighters to be at.

Joe Doerksen joedoerksen@hotmail.com