XFC - Jan 31 poster (studio shots)


Have just added the XFC - Xtreme Fight Club (January 31) poster to our site.


This poster is the first effort that incorporates the use of studio photo's taken by Valitutti studios for the XFC3.


Not a bad poster Justin, except that there's 3 fighters pictured, and only one of them is fighting on the show that the poster is advertising. Wot up wit dat??

Its not uncommon to do that. Originally we had PANG & HUNI on the poster and we had planned for Kyle to fight.

We will get studio shots of all the fighters at each show so we can continue to make great posters.


Perhaps not uncommon, but at best slightly misleading, when it's known 2 of the fighters aren't fighting on the show at the time the poster is created. Surely a big double biceps shot of Wayne would look more impressive than "Puny" Tony? ;-)

We are only running A5 flyers so the charming Mr WILLIAMS was not an option :)


Is it really common to do that ? Thats a serious question . I cant remmebr ever seeing a fight posters with figthers on that are not competing (besides late withdrawls etc)

I'm amazed that it would even be a positive thing to do from the promoters point of view .

I agree too misleading to have different photos for fighter who are not fighting on the cards, sure tony is a physical specimen but he is not fighting.

I remember a while back there was a kickboxing promotion poster which made it look like scott bannon was fighting ian jacobs, what BS

justin graphically very good but, promo wise not too good.

bu then again what do i know about fight promotion!!!!!

if your making a poster for an event that features amatures, would it make sense that not alot of them would have full stuidio high quality A3 sized digital images at there disposal?

You cant do a poster with no one on it. plus i think its a tribute to the photogenic tony who rules the best posters i have seen with him.

reguadless. there is a disclaimer stating that the fighters shown wont be fighting .. im guessing

Those matters were all considerred before running the poster. I am of the firm belief that the fans in attendance will not leave with a sour taste in their mouths. Look at previous spartan posters and KOTM that show fights from the past or shows before. 1 vivid eg was COOPER v Byro pic that was used for the next spartan, same can be said.


true true true, damm promoters all sly dodgy bastards............thats why i love em ;)

Is this one of those sham things Scott? ;)

I am fully aware of the backlash it could cause, which will give you an indication as to the undying belief I have in the product.

Xtreme Fight Club will be a fantsatic addition to the MMA scene. We are offering debut bouts where fighters are PAID!!! Ticket incentives where fighters are PAID!!!! And we will commit contractually to future matches for the participants.

It offers a fantastic bottom level entry to a great sport. Previously fighters fought on KOTM (for eg) as amateurs with the hope of then aquiring matches in Spartan or on mine. I have never made any contractual obligation to any parties stating that I'd have them on if they did well on the feeders. With Xtreme Fight Club we are doing exactly that.

Positive steps like this and Shooto's C Classare great for the sport...

Now back to the poster, it's cool!


justin you have mail

justin@xfc.com.au ??????



I see your point re the Spartan posters, BUT - when you see an action shot, it's generally accepted that that fight is not actually going to take place that night, as the photo has already been taken. Displaying a fighter in the way this poster has (and indeed virtually every kickboxing poster ever made) gives the impression that he will be fighting on the show.

To each his own I guess, but I think the potential for 'sour taste' should be avoided at all costs in a 'fledgling' sport.

I'll be doing my best to get there for the show too - I'm sure it will be a cracker. I just have to find a way to get out for the night, and leave the newborn with Mum... ;-)

In an ideal world we'd have quality photos of the fighters we wish to use. I am sure we will get some new fans and once we get them captive they will remain a part of the fanbase.

It is all about perception and I know some people will expect to see Tony and Kyle on. If I had high res SCHAFFA & TRAVEN pic's I woulda ran with them.


Hey what does "fledging" mean by the way???

Sorta draws a negative perception in my mind and surely one I wouldn't use to describe the product that XFC is putting out there.

I really think we are on the rise (the sport) and are about to explode. It's the best sport in the world!


It is the best sport in the world , but considering foxtel just dropped argueably the biggest mma event in the world i think the word 'fledgling' can be used .

I think missmanaged is a better word.

Foxtel really fucked up bad they coulda marketted and sold the UFC huge.


yeah , that has some merit to it .