XFC - Jan 31 Tickets on sale

Ticketing prices for XFC's - Xtreme Fight Club are viewable at www.xfc.com.au (click on next event)
The event will be headlined by Brandon BELL (12-0 all by KO) v Ian SCHAFFA (former #5 shooto Japan & 12-1-2 Pro boxer under Jeff FENECH) for the Lightweight title.

A special feature event shall see 2 time BJJ world Champion & ADCC champ. Roberto TRAVEN in a submission bout. Details of which will be released any day.

Upper card action shall see a 4-man SHW tourney featuring Nathan WHITE (BESTON/GRACIE), Ben DALEY (Fightboi), and two forum brothers Chris McCRACKEN & Wayne WILLIAMS.

For the full line up visit www.xfc.com.au

As always reduced rates are available for forum members via sales@xfc.com.au



How many rounds and how long are the rounds in the 4 man tourney?

R1 of the tourney will be 3 x 3min rounds and the final will be 5 x 3minute rounds.

Its a 4-man event.


Cool. Are these 4 or 8 man Tourneys the way things are going or just to get a bit of extra interest?

I'm hoping they're not the way things are going - for my sake.

I have done them before with pancrase and I am confident that the athletes in this one are very evenly matched. I have guaranteed the winner a shot on an XFC event at Southport too.


Since i know nothing about any of them who would be the favorite?

My wife says she thinks Chris McCracken is the favourite.

She says he'd better win, because he's spending all his time training and she's sick of having to do the dishes herself.

Best of luck to Big Wayne!!!!



Thanks for your support Gerald. I just hope my pacemaker holds out for the night.
Good luck to the other three fighters in the tourney, may the best man win.