XFC June 5: Fighters wanted..

XFC will have an Xtreme fight Club event on june 5 in Brisbane. Expect ian SCHAFFA and Kyle NOKE to top the bill in matches that will excite everyone!!

The goal of fightclub is to act as a feeder to XFC and allow fighters to compete in a safe environment in ethically made matches under modified rules and shorter round structure (3x3mins).

Previous fight club participants such as Chris McCRACKEN have gone on to fight on a big XFC show and kickstarted a MMA career.

Right now we are looking for applicants that wish to fight on this event on Saturday 5th June, 2004 at QLD Lions soccer Club in Richalands.


What are the modified rules?

The modified rules are basically ours with no elbows or knees to the head. Strikes are permitted on ground as per pro rules minus elbows.


Guys, I can honestly say Fight Club is a great idea and a fantastic way to hone your craft and get an idea of what goes on in the ring. All without the added pressure one of the big shows puts on you.

And, it's a whole lot of fun.



We are formatting a structure that will see fighters go from being on the little shows all the way to the top here and international opportunities too.

I am not kidding but I literally had tears in my eyes when kyle won on XFC4. I soooo much want XFC to be a means for us to all grow together.

The sad fact is that our talent pool is not that deep in Australia and we need to get some grass roots development going.


if you got someone under 77kg let me know, would be nice to try a fight with more than 2 days preparation time.

That I shall hamish ;)


Sounds like a nother good show. I hope some new faces appear and take advantage of this oppurtunity.

May be some guys from Adelaide keen to make there way up. I wish them all the best in training.


Bon, Love to have ya on mate, get that BJJ guy that's handing out the black belts to hook ya up first mate so you are a bit more marketable :-)


Get Cobras to fight he would kick ass!!!!

Ill be in that, who wants to fight COBRAS

I think Cobras v Cobras will be match of the year.

novice UGers?

like who?