XFC OktoberFist

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Red corner Promotions and XFC present the first ever OktoberFist on October 13 at Broncos Leagues Club

It has been rumored that Steve Gillinder, Dave Lock, Matt Te Paa along with the return of Kyle KO Noke and also with some big internationals


hamish, Perhaps putting the poster here might help direct traffic or they could always see it in your forum ;)


And I think those boobs DEFINATELY aren't B cups!

Check out the ring card girls at



card is gonna be insane too guys with title fights in pro boxing MMA and Xtreme Kick-Boxing.


but genuinely arousing

Gotta love German Porn!


The show will be something REALLY special. The matches which will be realesed soon are particularly exciting in MMA, Pro boxing and Shootboxing rules too.

VIP tables are going to be given the 5 star, red carpet treatment with a seafood buffet pre event with a guest speaker hosting before being escorted upstairs for the first fight. table holders will be served throughout the night be traditional beer wenches (please replace with correct term) with Steins of Becks, jagermeister and a few german themed fingerfoods.

Gonna be a lot of fun for all.


Sounds like a german porn to me too, I'm sure her dad is very proud lol!