XFC raises 20K!

XFC has raised $20,000 to send the Australian Amatuer boxing team to Athens


great to see XFC supporting fighters of Australia

That really does seem like legitimate great news from the XFC team. Well done guys.

ttt for all the Justin-haters to see. thats awesome news!!!

Thats a great effort to do that . I'm sure the boxers will be rapt. XFC deserves big props for acheiving that .

Corran , the 'Justin Haters' have never said he has done nothing good for the sport . Far from it . Unfortunatly the good things he does , like raising this money doesnt excuse all the moronic things he does .

Credit where it's due !

Good work Justin and the XFC team.


the countless moronic things he has dome

Good work

+5 to Justin's creditability rating.

Well done Justin and XFC!

Big effort, $20K is big bucks in anyone's language.


Well done to XFC for raising this to help the fighters.

On a side note isn't it funny how when someone bags Justin about XFC people jump on here and say Justin is only part of XFC and Joe is a top bloke ect ect but when something good happens Justin gets all the praise and now no one is here saying don't forget Joe he is the other half and done a great job also!

Either way great effort and hopefully this might help a few boxers try MMA also.

A friend of mine will (hopefully) be on that team. He will be happy to hear his burden will be lightened when it comes time to go. He has to pay his own way to Tonga for the Oceania champs to qualify.

Kudos to XFC for helping out people outside our immediate circle.

Good work fellas.


If you actually read the article you'll see that credit is given to a few XFC folks.

"Present at the event were XFC matchmaker/director Justin LAWRENCE and XFC bantam weight champion Daniel LIMA. Also on hand were XFC's MC Mario AGIUS and Evan COOPER who heads the XFC legal team. Evan and Mario teamed up to host the evening and did a superb job! Evan and Mario shall return as a duo to MC the June 5 Fight Club II event in Brisbane"

of the 10 or so posts on this thread the majority of them seem to give props to Justin + the XFC team, or to the XFC team in general.

Of course we shouldn't let a little thing like the facts get in the way of Justin bashing...


Good stuff.

Good work Justin

Belive me Tank i still follow boxing and i think this is a awsome thing XFC has done and i was in no way bashing Justin just making a point to a few on here.

Keats, you follow boxing ? Who would've thunk it ?

I think I've only heard you making a boxing reference in EVERY POST YOU MAKE !!



Props to Joe and Justin and the whole XFC team.

Hey Keats read the posts above your first one. Only one of them mentions Justin on his own. All the rest say good work XFC or "Justin and XFC". So they WERE praising Joe along with Justin and everybody else involved in raising the money. Nice illogical arguement.

Sorry again for meantioning anything about boxing even on a boxing thread. BTW who was the fuckwitt who deared to post a boxing thread on a MMA forum? ;)

Don't worry guys you miss the point i was trying to make. It was nothing to do with Justin.

Anyway again a great effort for all those involved in XFC as i read in the paper that Craig Stevens (sorry to mention swimming on a MMA forum) was on $250 per week from swimming australia or who ever pays them at the institue. If a top swimmer is only on this i'm sure our olympic boxing team members are on fuck all of nothing so that omount of maoney is going to go along way to helping them concentrate on the task at hand.
Maybe some might even have ago at MMA down the track (not sure this will happen or not but thought since i mentioned about boxing and swimming in one post i better say something about MMA as this i am reminded is a MMA forum)