XFC. . wtf

"BONELLO to fight Anthony PEROSH who made MMA debut winning an 8 man tournemant recently on a Gold Coast based promotion. Wisely, Mr PEROSH opted to have no part of BONELLO. It speaks volumes of the talent Tony posseses and the fear he envokes into the hearts of other fighters when they decline matches before XFC even have the chance to make a monetary offer!"

Who the fuck is in charge of writing all that bullshit on that site? its getting too much..

from www.xfc.com.au


methinks someone spent too much time watching wwf rock and roll wrestling as a youngster and has taken a leaf out of the mean gene oakerland book of promotion

dont take it personaly. im sure its just a selling angle to those who dont knwo the sport.,

like educated fans laf at no holds barred and shit like that. its all a way to sell to the public.

im sure all parties are aware and would have said sumthing either way. ill be there next time reguardless

yeah true steveoco, but "It speaks volumes of the talent Tony posseses and the fear he envokes into the hearts of other fighters when they decline matches before XFC even have the chance to make a monetary offer" is just gay. not to mention that the majority of people who read the XFC website come from here.

Just like most stuff from the XFC its all bullshit anyway

"wisely Mr Perosh opted to have no part of Bonello" No lets just say this is true, why are they on this forum and others still truing to get a fight with Perosh???

Figure that one out, because fucked if i can!

....Could be true?

I think its likely that neither Anthony or Elvis wants to fight on a XFC card.

Although Anthony wasnt personally involved in the Elvis/Tony/Justin fued, he is Elvis's friend and training partner, so it not unreasonable to assume he feels the same way as Elvis does.

Maybe offers to fight Tony should be made to someone with no objections to fighting at XFC.

Even better, an offer could be made for Tony to fight at Spartan.

I agree with Richard, I think next to no one wants anything to do with Justin and the way he is going no one will want anything to do with XFC in the future!!!

Good one Justin, luckily MMA events are now starting in other states so fighter will just be able to overlook the XFC shows!

I've been reading the comments re: XFC over the last few months and FFS, he is doing a good job for MMA in Australia, from first hand, I contacted spartan to try and get on the S9 card weeks ago and never received and email back, I contacted Justin and within hours of sending an email I received a reply and I have been given a chance, leave the guy alone atleast he is doing something!

Just one small thing "envokes" isn't actually a word.



Hey MattSpankyKnight. Apologies for not getting back to you. I cant recall the e-mail and it is rare for me not to reply. Please try again and I will return the e-mail as soon as I recieve it. Many thanks.

new motto for XFC...XFC: we hit rock bottom and keep digging! Taking it to new lows

lol @ rza.

Nothing wrong with a bit of marketing.

lol @ Cam.

Are you in advertising ? Maybe you should be...



Matt did you think that maybe Kezza is busy with everyone wanting to fight on his card and Justin is just waiting for calls for someone to fight on his card??? (this is a bit of tongue in cheek so leave me alone as i have been awake for 24 hrs now and just finished work).

XFC and SPARTAN are the 2 main shows in Aus at the moment.

It shouldnt realy matter 2 much if you dont agree with what one particular promoter announces, the fact remains that virtuly the exact same people who have fought in Spartan also fight in XFC.

When you go to watch a show you dont realy go to try and catch a glimps of the promoter, do you?,THAT would be retarded, you go to watch the fighters fight.

So all to all the dudes bagging XFC, YOU are the ones who are not helping MMA in Aus by not supporting YOUR AUS fighters!!

Many Top fighters HATE ZUFFA and the UFC, that is a FACT yet i bet you WATCH it, which would be pretty lame standing by your comments.

Both Kez and Justin, wether you like ither one or not are doing a great job and should be actualy helped in some way or another,

freestyle_judo - yeah true, but is it worth alienating a significant proportion of the MMA fanbase in Australia, as well as prospective competitors, to talk smack about other fighters in an effort to boost the profile of one of your own? I think Justin, in his promotional efforts, can be very unprofessional at times.

MMA fanbase in AUSTRALIA? Pffftt! Justin has far bigger and juicier fish to fry. Bonello is on his way up, and Justin's going to ride his comet-tail. :)

freestyle_judo has supported the correct from the beginning of its career and is ready to go all the way to the world stage