XFC3 Photos Up!

Just a heads up. Cruise over to www.xfc.com.au to check out all the xfc3 photos. there are some rippers. There up for purchase too from vince the photographer. just contact xfc or vince@vincethephotographer.com.au

There are rippers but bro of my 20 minute fight all vince's guy caught was 4 pics of leg kicks and the start of a punch! No going through the ropes 3 times, no ground action, not even steve's beautiful side kick?! I'm gonna go deliverance style on vince next time i see him.

"I'm gonna go deliverance style on vince..." Geez LEMon, is that a punishment for Vince, or a prize for you? *squeals like a pig (boy!)* ;-P

Squeeeeel piggggy



Liam, I'm pretty sure Vince will have tons more photos of your fight. They only put a small selection up on the webpage as promo material. Contact Vince if you want some more.

Joking niel vince is the man :)
bro i'm in nz next week for 2 weeks to, where u guys train at?

Liam, We train in Auckland, avondale to be more precise. Drop me a mail letting me know what your up to and if you need picking up or place to stay or anything.

Call me when you get in 021459210