XFC4: HW Title bout

Check out www.xfc.com.au for the news on the XFC Heavyweight title bout for march 19's XFC4. Tickets have started to fly since a BONELLO/SEVERN ad hit the Gold coast papers on Wed. With advertising in everyday from Saturday and full radio on sea FM we expect to sell out pre show.

for tickets 0405771808 or (07)55312289 or tickets@xfc.com.au


Good stuff

How much are tickets ?

www.xfc.com.au/nextevent.php has the ticket prices

We will be having a press conference on wed 17th in the gold coast CBD. Chanel 7, 9 & 10 are confirmed to attend! brisbane and Gold Coast stations.


Well one guys a heavy weight. :)

Was this a hard match to get the board to ok with the weight difference?

Obviously there's a small issue with reading, here.

Mick Cutajar v Steve Thomas is the HW title bout

Is Jason Wildchild still fighting? I heard today something about he may be injured? Hope not!
- Juggs

A decision as to whether Jason fights will be made very soon. Both Jason and XFC would be devestated if he withdrew from such a high profiled event, however, he will have a VERY long and sucessful career and we must be smart regarding this.


Ok i've caught up now. :(

Still same question though with the Bonello/ Severan fight. I would just find it hard for the boxing/Kickboxing board in Vic to pass a fight that has fighters who weight such a big difference. Is Qld less strick in this area?

Thanks Justin. Wheather this XFC or not, I'll go to watch the Wildchild fight everytime.
- Juggs

keats, we are not regulated here.

Back to CUTTA v Steve, I am really looking forward to this match. been a long time between drinks for Mick and Steve looked to be a realo offensive threat against the very powerful Mal FOKI.


Good match! Steve will give his best even as the underdog. Cutta knows nothing less than %100.

Api is injured too isn't he?

Has Bonello been heelhooking his traing partners again?

Think Api's injury was an ongoing one whilst Jason's wa a freak thing that happened rolling with Api.

I am really hedging my bets on the Cutta v Thomas match. Steve's bottom game is pretty slick!


Nah it'll be sweet dude, sorry for the stuff up on your tickets.

card is gonna be off the hook!


Thanks for clearing that up Justin.

Steve vs Cutta will be awesome!!!