XFC4 Poster

The xfc4 poster is up at www.xfc.com.au please check it out. Feedback would be kool. preferably positive :P

hes got a mad scar on his.. left sholder which you can see. sugury?

anyways. what you think of poster! :P

at what point does his "lower gut" begin? he's always been a true athlete from the Merv Hughes mold....

Hmmm, he may have a thick waist, but they're abs, you'll see, if you look closely. Merv Hughes my arse.

There aren't many 20 stone guys in his shape. I wish I was.

yup, 'thick abs', thats what i'm calling mine ;)

Are the two photos at the same scale? Tony looks heavier than severn in the poster... what are their weights?

You should make Tony's photo half the size! Would be classic.

well they are taken at diff angles (and in diff lighting conditions) but yeah. purposfuly made tony a lil smaller to show height diff. but yeah.] im happy with it

well klye noke and adrian pang are trying to be matched and umm ian shaffa vs an international opponant. but im happy with just the fights up for offer so far.

Hmmmm... Very autistic. seriously though,
nice work. what does tony bonellos tat say on his chest?

Here is a link to the amended "Real XFC 4" poster.