XFF4 on DVD - $12

 DVD is ready from Xtreme Freestyle Fighting 4 - March 17th in Dalton, GA.

We have about 20 copies left over from XFF3 so we'll throw 1 in for FREE while they last.


I take it everything worked out okay with the duplication.?

Yeah, came out fine. Thanks

Have the pre-orders been sent?



I talked to Ken on Monday and he said he shipped mine (pre-order) that day. Looking forward to watching the DVD and seeing some of the fights I missed.

All pre orders have been sent. Thanks

Yeah, I'm looking forward to actually seeing you break the ring! HAHAAHA..... That was you wasn't it?

I fought in the 4th fight then went back to help my teamate warm-up so I missed alot of the fights....

Yeah I was half responsible for the unplanned intermission.

Got the dvd today... Good job once again Ken, great quality... Are there any photos of the weigh-ins or event?

built2last... That is awesome when you guys tore the ring down! Loved it! When's your next fight, wait shit, you ended up with a broken hand didn't ya?