XFO 12: Miller, Fiordirosa win

XFO 12: Outdoor War * Aug. 19, Sideouts, Island Lake, Ill.

Andy "Canario" Ross def. Justin Shipman, armbar, 2:54 Rd. 2 (5:54)

Mickel Alexander def. Eric McLean, verbal submission, 2:44 Rd. 3 (8:44)

Paul Carter def. Jason Schmidt, knockout, 2:12

Mike Scarantino def. Ned Maric, majority dec. 29-28, 29-28, 29-29, 3rds. (9:00)

Dave Kleczkowski def. Chris Fleurestil, Ref stoppage due to strikes, 3:39

Jason Wagner def. Mike Belmonte, unanimous dec. 30-27, 30-27, 30-27, 3rds. (9:00)

Mike Marrello def. Simon Manning, Ref stoppage due to strikes, :57

Nate Mohr def. Darren Cotton, Ref stoppage due to strikes, :19 Rd. 2 (5:19)

Omar Choudhury def. Matt Williams, armbar, 3:14

Justin McElfresh def. Joey Fingalson, TKO triangle, 4:55

Brian Gassaway def. Sam Jackson, tap to strikes, 3:54

Mark Miller def. Jon Friedland, TKO 4:47 Miller wins vacant XFO welterweight title

Matt Fiordirosa def. Chase Beebe, 3rds unanimous dec. 30-27, 30-27, 30-26 (15:00) Fiordirosa defends his XFO bantamweight title


I hear that Canario guy was pretty entertaining

Monte Cox just left the business centre of the hotel



Congrats Omar and Dave!

OUSO Matamoros Jiu Jitsu......2 fighters...... 2 1st round wins......we must be doing something right in Milwaukee!


TTT for Andy eer i mean Canario :)

How did the Beebe/Fiordirosa fight go? Looks like it was pretty one sided by the score.

jkaz, isn't freidland a matamoros guy too?

The Beebe - Fiordorosa fight was definitly not one sided. It was a very close fight. Beebe won the first, the second beebe was winning until near the end of the round wear Fiordorosa may have pulled it off, and the third Fiordorosa won. However the fight was very intense and fast paced. Either guy could have won and it would be nice to see them fight again sometime. It was a great fight.

Here is a pre-fight story on Mark Miller


Friedland has not trained at Matamoros's for over a year, he has his own school. That being said, we still love him like that dirty cousin that everyone has.

Congrats to Dave and Omar on their 1st round victories!

I had Fido winning all three rounds, closely but all three. It was the fight of the night it could have been taken by either fighter in the third because both fighters were gased. Over all good night of fights with a couple good subs and a far share of KO's.

Miller looked like an animal!! I cant wait to see what's next for him.


for Justin

Could you post the results of the XFO 11? I could never find a full listing of them and the website is really outdated. Thanks.

Congrats to Miller.  Super tough guy.

Monte made it very clear that damage was the most important judging criteria. Beebe would get the takedown, throw few punches and basically defend Matt's subs. Matt won all three rounds, and the 10-8 score in the 3rd was not uncalled for.

10-8 by one judge in the third, and people think that is a close fight. what are they smoking, Matt wins, with technique and dominated. If you get a take down and can't do anything with it and spend most of your time defending and not passing you are loosing. and the big bombs in the third just sealed the deal. so congrats to both fighters for bringing it. Matt just brought more that day

i was there and it was close. matt f. won clearly but only round 3. chase bebe fought hard and maybe we will get to see it again sometime.