XFO 42 at the Sears Centre December 10th

December 10th, 2011 finds XFO returning to the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. We have a great card put together and wanted to invite all Chicago area UG'ers out for a night of ammy and professional MMA action.

Mike Marrello vs Miodrag Petkovich
Daniel Aguirre vs Jake Grigson
Kevin Knabjian vs Brandon Adamson
Will Brooks vs Chris Tickle
Vincent Ramos vs Guillermo Serment
Adam Ward vs Daniel Rodriguez
Matt Tobie vs Frank Pizzirulli
Kent Rexford Jr. vs TBD
Joey Diehl vs Joe Voitik
Anthony Goodwin vs Robert Couillard
Andrew Krzeptowski vs Quartus Stitt
Kenny Booker vs TBD
Christopher Haney vs Stanton Gavia
Carson Beebe vs Dave Sachs

We have arranged a special rate of $89 per night with the Marriott Chicago Northwest, which is in walking distance of the Sears Centre. Here is the link to book this special rate.


Our after-party will be held at The Raven Nightclub on Golf Road in Schaumburg immediately following the fights. Come out and meet the fighters and have some fun. A number UFC and Bellator fighters will be in attendance as well. Mention "XFO MMA" at the door for a waived cover charge.


Hope to see some of you guys there.


I'll be there!

Gotta throw this out to recognize my boy Joey Diehl who went to war at XFO41. You gotta come see this kid scrap.


Ttt Phone Post

ttt Phone Post

Ciesnolevicz, you coming out to this one? Should be a great time.



What happened to Felice. And Joey is seriously the real Diehl. Phone Post

Haha wrong xf. My bad. Phone Post

bearockbrobama - What happened to Felice. And Joey is seriously the real Diehl. Phone Post

Felice is fighting on HDNet on Dec 2nd.

how good is the guy quartiss is fighting? i used to train with him a bit

just noticed i totally butchered quartus lol


Thanks for the bumps guys. Andrew Krzeptowski, the guy who is fighting Quartiss is pretty good. He was on the Polish national kickboxing team, so he definitely has some skills. Should be a great fight.

The other guy to watch on the card is Kenny Booker. This is his first pro fight, but the kid had a great ammy career. Has some great standup and killer knees.

could a blue namer embed?


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AD39O5CcfxI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Thanks Keith. Any of your guys coming out on the 10th? Beers on me at the after-party if you are in town.