XFO 5, Saturday March 19th

Good card put together. Great Main Event
Bart Palaszewski (Curran) vs. Joe Jordan (MFS) for the XFO 155 Title. www.x-fighting.tv

Rory Markham was suppose to face Nick Thompson in one of the featured bouts, but I see that he is now fighting Jimmy Boyd. Anyone know why Thompson isn't fighting anymore?


Bart & Jordan is a sweet matchup between 2 underappreciated fighters.

I answered this earlier, but either my post was removed by a mod (?), or there was some error when I tried to post that caused it not to go up?

Anyway, Thompson was KOed by Paul Purcell on the 5th of this mth in the Combat-Do event, and that (more than likely) is probably the reason he was pulled off this card.