the whole thing seems fishy to me. curran got beat.


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you must be currans biggest fan


thats why I said aiiight amature record.

before when I was 1-4 I was calling myself craptacular!!!

now I'm just aiiiight.

next I'll be a deso 4-5

then an even steven 5-5

Let me say this first and foremost, I am a jeff curran fan and do support ALL chicago fighter

Jeff did not win that fight

He lost, but did get on the mic and let everyone know that he lost. He did manage to go off on some idiot in the crowd who was running his mouth

I did enjoy the event, but the last fight was questionable

TTT for jeff and Rafael, they both fought very hard

stfujitsu, Oh No, don't threaten never to buy a ticket again. The next XFO is sure to fail without you! LOL

Sifu Jitsu.... Jeff recognized it... stop putting him on the chopping block... he wasnt cocky he said Assuncao won and he called the decision BS. I bet you were the gy afer the fight talking shit outside the cage. Its not Jeffs fault that the judges saw it how they did... yeah it wasnt right... and jeff said it wasnt... so leave him out of it.

pure tardism from stfu jitsu lol, has to be a troll.

im just saying.. for 40 dollars i should not have to see some poor kid robbed like that buy poor judging. who were the judges? why so biased toward home town people nad there "stars"? spellman won? curran won? curran fought hard.. but got beat bad. there is no excuse for the outcome and that is why ill never goto another xfo. and alot of people sitting in the arena felt the same way. thats why the chants of xfo sucks were flowing out in the parking lot. and jeff owns the xfo you can bet your mighty dollar he knew why the judges were blind. IN MY OPINION. say what you want about but know it to be the truth!

The truth is... youre a punk.

im sorry but the fact of the matter is the xfo is a unfair show. the decision should be switched by the illinois boxing board

youre a NERD


wow a local show was fixed...why do u act so surprised???? most local shows have fixed fights...

I don't know what happen with this fight (good judging bad judging) but here is a idea.

I reccomended a long time ago that the judges be announced at the fighters meetings. This way if you had a problem with the judges they could be changed if there is a LEGIT reason. All title fights should have the judges and ref. negotiated prior to the event by both camps and the promotion.

But there again it has to be done without all the emotion and ego's that come with-in this sport.

I would like to see those two fight again, they both fought really hard, but it was Assuncao's night

Jeff was very classy on the mic afterwards and looked very upset heading back to the locker room

The XFO puts on a good show and I can't wait for the next one

ok im SORRY.. but im curious when was this second groin kick? not the one where the ref stood rafael up out of jeffs gaurd and the whole crowd was like wtf boo! because there was no illegal groin kick there. and the leg kick jeff stepped into the first time was a mistake no point loss for that. ref took a BS point away for a fake groin shot about sums it up im done with this thread and stick by the original title of the post.

This thread is a Troll job. LOL at stfu sitting under a bridge eating goats.

can we all at least agree that the most offensive part of the evening was when Kerry Schall took off his shorts and was wearing those velvet speedo's?