XFO Outdoor War August 11, 2007

XFO-19 Outdoor War is Saturday, August 11, 2007 at Sideouts Bar & Eatery in Island Lake, IL.
Get 2 shows for the price of one, first show starts at 2pm til approx. 5 pm. The second show starts approx. 7 pm.

This is the 3rd annual XFO fight at this venue, it's a really great show.
Additional info at www.x-fighting.tv or 815-356-0454.

2 SHOWS? Damn. Id be so fucking blitzed by the second one I wouldnt remember anything

War Salmon!!!

William Hill is an experienced vet and no joke. Should be a great fight.

Joe Jordan vs. Dave Kleczkowski, 185#

Jordan at 185, really?

I train w/ Dave K and when he told me he was fighting Joe J at 185#  said the same thing

Can't wait to see Dave and Omar!

Matamoros BJJ!!!!!!!!!