XFO results?

Anyone have the results from the XFO

just got home from the show. It was a packed house sure tonight. MTC went 3-1 tonight with Dan Stigeon making his MMA debute, starting the night off with a guillatine choke in the first minute of the fight bringing Dan and our team the first win of the night and the .
Then Matt Ghera was up, in his first MMA fight aswell. Matt took a big overhand right in the first few seconds and although he did recover his opponent stayed aggressive and got the takedown and after a failed submission attempt by Matt his opponent gained a dominant position and secured the rear naked choke for the win. Matt fought well and will be back soon. Tough loss though.
Next up was Tony Marti showed awsome ground skills in his victory in the first minute of the first round by Rear naked choke, but not before Tony got to put a bit of abuse on his opponent who spent much of that minute on his belly being flattened hard by Tony, great fight and win for Tony.
Then Jon Murphy got back in the cage fresh off his TKO vickory not 30 days ago at extreme challenge to gain another TKO victory over a tough kid in Casey Kelly. Jon landed a big right hand in an exchange droping Kelly to the canvis then Murphy finished with some punched from the top to get the Win. Jon is doing very well as of lately, keep you eyes on this kid. I expect people will be hearing alot more about him in the near future.

Other results I remember, lets see..... I think all of Currans guys won. Mike Stumpf had a war with DaVila. Those guys went at it for the entire 15 mins. Stumpf won what I belive was a split decision if I'm not mistaken. Great fight to watch though, very entertaining.
Pat Curran won a 3 rnd dec. over Lazaar, it was a good fight also. not an easy win for Curran but a good fight for the Tap Out show.
Dom O'grady won his fight I belive. 1st rnd stoppage I think it was.
didn't stay for the last 2 the place was a mad house with the Tap Out show filming there everyone came out. Thanks to the XFO for having us again and see everyoen next time.

Mike Morello got guillotined in the Main event.

Heden (forgot the last name, sorry.) won the heavyweight belt over Boban (forgot the last name, sorry :) he's Serbian.

Good fights overall. Great fans, great Promoter, Mr. Jeff Curran and Mr. Dan Lardy. The TapOut crew was there filming.

Special congrats to Mike Stumpf for fight of the night. Pat Curran who fought a real tough MF'er. And to my boy Tony Marti, who looked great in his win and is all class.


 Simic.  And I thought Boban was fighting Sherman Pendergarst.

bobal lost a decision and (surprise, surprise) was deducted a point for illegal strikes


 IHC Returning!


TTT, it was a great show.

 XFO keep me in the loop for your shows!  I never hear about them til after the fact.  You guys do good matches & I'd love to go whenever I'm off.