Xi rumoured to be under coup from the military. Chinese flights outbound grounded, can someone in China confirm?



Ok… Well, carry on y’all. Have fun.


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Taiwan should offer a high interest loan bailout to help them out of their real estate crisis bubble.



So I guess nothing is going on over there just the usual

Chinks are worthless at honesty when it comes to saving face vs being transparent about how their failed state nation works

With the way the media and search engines are now, I’m glad you’re here to give your input as someone that’s actually there.

Thank you for the information that you have shared so far.

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I don’t think it will be all rainbows and unicorns if they go democracy + capitalism. The Uyghurs would probably be looking to settle some scores. You’d get a much bigger crime rate and there would likely be ethnic separatist conflicts in various regions. Their economy would still likely be insane but you never know what you’re going to get. Are they going to be more like macau or Japan?

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You should get over there and run some seminars on maximal cruelty to dogs American style

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But that’s legal now (and should have been legal then)

So shouldn’t he get the van hammer lifted?

Or because it was illegal then and he broke the rules should he suffer the consequences?

He wanted to nuke his account.

He hari-kari 'd it and went out in a blaze of BBC glory back when that was instaban.

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Lol…forgot about PoiuPoiu going out on his shield

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Is this like when MSM basically confirmed Kim Jong Un died only for him to show up walking around and giving a speech a few days later.


Looks like a typical Chinese parking lot to me.

He thought another poster (SpunQ I think? Not 100% on that) had hacked his account and knew his password if I remember correctly. He asked to have his account deleted and got no response, so posted the auto fellating dude to make the ban inevitable.

He had spent a couple of years here trying to become the voice of reason, debunking conspiracy theories. After that he went full CCCP shill though.


Who’s the guy who lives in China and had a thread with all his pics of his daily stops in China

Nothing is happening.

At least nothing that can be seen or observed. I mean of course anything can happen “behind closed doors” but there is no open struggle or coup.


That’s what PoiuPoiu used to do, once he committed e-suicide here he went over to TMMAC and posted the same stuff. He still does, along with a bunch of shitty threads every once in a while when he gets blind drunk.

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