Xi rumoured to be under coup from the military. Chinese flights outbound grounded, can someone in China confirm?

PoPo nuked his account because he knew the CCP would toss him in a cage if they read half of an OG thread and learned he was a member here


Democracy + capitalism doesn’t mean everyone is nice to each other lol. Muslim population is still a tiny minority and probably will keep having issues with ethnic chinese population.

But Chinese people outside china commit almost no crime… I wouldn’t expect crime to increase in China.

Capitalism would easily push china into 25-30k USD per Capita GDP in a short term, medium term they’ll be up around 40-50k USD per Capita GDP. They’re at 10k right now… Their currency will probably give them 50-100% boost in GDP. Countries will flood China with investment immediately… Like in a way that’s never happened before. Every major investor will divert funds to China.


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They import most of the meth into Australia, most of the fentanyl into north America

They get a pass cause they are subservient by nature


I kill them they grill them

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They probably do it the most peacefully of any group of people. You want Chinese running your drug trade, you’ll have the least amount of issues.

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I dunno know man, there are active tongs operating openly in San Francisco

Shrimp Boy is no joke

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You. No reason to worry about social media. Move along, nothing to see here

I’m not saying there arent savages but just as a whole they’re much better. We use to have way more Chinese (mostly from Hong Kong) involvement in our drug trade here and it was much less violent than it is currently.

Smiff would make avfantastic Ze…


Nepal Correspondence


𝐁𝐈𝐆 𝐁𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 Xi Jinping likely removed from Chairman of the Military Commission’s post under the shadow of a Military coup. Xi is rumored to have undergone a military coup. #PLA special forces gathered at Shenyang Military airport under the orders of Li Qiaoming. https://twitter.com/NepCorres/status/1573344740522987520/photo/1

^^^^ This was posted earlier in the thread by Dave Accu I believe.

Radio reports/news in China is reporting the person named above as organizing the PLA special forces Li Qiaoming has disappeared and XI has already appointed his replacement.

This certainly does not support the narrative and reports.

Again official news reports declare this fellow has disappeared and Xi has appointed his replacement.


Thats why I VPN and I am selective about what I post…


The convoy or images of military to Beijing (used as evidence of a coup) is reported to be in preparation for CCP 20th National Congress.


Xi supposed to get the next term, and maybe even a new title that has not been used in while.


Williepep… you are correct, my wife pretty much just confirmed this to me.

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Also, the large restricted flight zone someone posted, she already knows, no big deal.


Pics of said wife?


I have posted pics of my wife

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