XKK Chicago Sept 30

email me at StJudeCharity@hotmail.com...I would like to get 1-2 guys from my team on one of the XKK shows!


TTT for Gamst and Jeff Paul. These guys have always been standup guys and always taken care of their fighters. Good guys and a good promotion.

TTT for the guys that have about the same spelling skills as me. Great to see XKK is spreading.


I guess we could make the drive

Jeff, I believe that Burr Ridge is over 2 hours from where your show is located.

How is that in your backyard.

Also is everything ok with you lately? first you rip the Guidas and GIlbert Grappling after Bart loses to Clay now you sound like a baby because someone else is doing a show in Illinois....

I wish you the best and hope you can get over what ever it is thats bothering you.

I think another show in Chicago is great for the fighters and fans. Jeff, I don't see why it seems to bother you a that another show is coming to town. You didn't seem to have a problem with Super Brawl coming to Hammond, a card which you and Bart both fought on. I doubt you would have a problem with it even if they came back again. It may suck for you to but thats business. Either way it goes, if I have the money that weekend I'll go wherever to see a show. It makes it easier if there's more to chose from. Good Luck XKK. And you to Jeff. Don't take it to personal.

if the show is in Burr Ridge it is whack to say it is in "downtown Chicago".

Chicago is LUCKY to have XKK come there,Nick and Jeff and pros at what they do and they always run and tight ship.

Maybe if Jeff would ask nicely he could get on the card instead of complaining about it.

Maybe someone had some hateraide after practice tonite.-j/k

SD JONES: Look, I am 100% just fine. I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary, and last I check I won my fight that night. Bart lost, but that isn't my fault. I was pissed at you for saying I am not a fighter and blah blah. Sorry, but I am a pretty humble guy and a very fair loser (when I lose). However, I don't sit back while people make untrue statements about me.

As for XKK in chicago, first of all I had no idea where it was. Chicago is a big place. I didn't see it mention Burr Ridge anywhere. Second of all, Jeff and Nick are great guys and always support my shows in the past. (they built my cage for me too). I just don't want things getting saturated. Sorry, but shows are my only way to make money right now so I am a little protective. Ask Master Bob, IHC or whoever. I always support their shows and sell lots of tickets. Oh, and yes, I support those shows where my fighters (especially me) are on more than the ones that don't call. It's not personal, its the way this business works. XKK and boys, I am sorry, I mean no disrespect. If you need a guy or two give me a call.
Jeff knows my #.


ttt for a classy guy...ps sucks that you are not sat seminar of champs 2 ne3 more! was looking forward to learning more stuff from you.

This is good news for the fighters around the Midwest. For years the promoters have had all the leverage while negotiating with the fighters. Now if the promoters do not want to pay the fighters a fair purse at least fighters have several other options for once. Maybe this will force the promoters to pay more to the fighters and put on a higher quality production.


When I started doing shows with Jeff, there were NO shows in Chicago... we did 3 Extreme Challenges and now 6 XFOs... Ironheart and Total Fight Challenge do shows in Hammond, Ind. Schirmer started recently in Chicago.

I think what Jeff is saying is that promoters need to work together... XFO and Schirmer alternate months to keep a balanced schedule... we do not want to compete against each other, there are only so many fans who will spend so much money a month.

Jeff and Nick are good guys... things will be worked out.

Maybe the Promoter should proof read Big Frogs posts before he hits add message??????

Well, XKK have been good to me and our team in general. I wish them the best of luck!

i support the XKK shows to keep MMA mainstream in a large area like CHicago

Actually, nobody who is doing shows right now in Illinois or Wisconsin was doing shows in either state before I was... but that isn't the point.

If you are not a promoter, you may not understand... I spoke with Nick, he knows where Jeff and I are coming from... XKK will fit in fine.

i just wish there would be a show that is in CHICAGO not the greater chicagoland area.