XKK: Demolition II in Des Moines

Well the cat is out of the bag...Josh Neer will take on Dave Gardner in the main event in Demolition II. Our first show in Des Moines totally kicked ass in my opinion (please... I know about the anthem and too many fights, etc. Taken care of). I hope Des Moines will come out again and support us and the local fighters. I finally feel comfortable going public with the fight card although its never final until the day of. Jeff Paul and myself are always trying to improve the card with in budget. Here are some of the other fights.

Jason Brilz vs Kyle Olsen. Brilz is one of the Midwest's best 205 ers and Kyle Olson is quickly making his mark with wins over Greg Wikan and Ryan Antle.

Victor Moreno vs James Warfield. Vic and James are excellent standup fighters and this should never hit the mat unless someone gets knocked out.

John Halverson vs Matt Dorothy. If John is half as good as he has been helpful to XKK, I will change his nickname from Hurricane to Tsunami (given that Tsunamis are more deadly than Hurricanes).

Jerrod Taylor vs Deryck Ripley. Both these guys are young fighters who took tough fights at Demoltion II but didn't win. Jerrod is super slick on the ground and Deryck is a really good wrestler who trains with Curtis Stoudt's camp.

Travis Fulton vs Jason Smith. This is a rematch from an International rules kickboxing match that took place in Des Moines less than a month ago. Apparently Travis won by decision but was taken down by Smith (not really legal in kickboxing) a few times so they are going to try an MMA match.

Ryan McGivern vs Nowanda Bell. Nowanda is coming off a quick win in our last show and Ryan is a 1st time fighter but is a great wrestler. The old Boxer vs Wrestler match here.

Also tentatively on the card are Joe Mabin, Mike Van Meer, Brian Green, Tyrell Roberts, and some of Des Moines tough young fighters. Like I said, we are always trying to improve the card so look for further announcements.

Sorry to all the fighters who were injured or incarcerated and will no longer be on the card. Thats straight edge baby.

Nick Gamst

LMAO @ "Sorry to all the fighters who were injured or incarcerated and will no longer be on the card. Thats straight edge baby."!!!

I am not sure what this means, or who was incarcerated, but I find it VERY funny for some reason!!!

By the way good luck to Josh Neer, Victor, Halverson, Fulton, Mini Van, and McGivern! :)

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

TTT FOR NICK "My phone bill hath runneth over and I unknowingly spent $26 on ONE phone call with you" GAMST!!! ;)


First show was awesome...expecting more of the same.

Gotta get my fence building buddy Mikey in there...and afterwards he can rematch me in NCAA College Football!

Why,oh why,oh why is Matt Dorothy fighting Halverson on this card?Halverson had an easy enough fight last time with Nolan,he should get a harder fight this time not an easier one