XKK DVD available

Mixed Martial Arts fans

You have been hearing about Xtreme Kage Kombat; Jeff Paul's show out of Wisconsin for a long time now.  Jeff's reputation as a promoter who gives fighters a fair shake and his fans a great show is well known.  Now Jeff is able to share the fun and excitement of XKK with fans every where.  Through a partnership with Sunburst videos a Dvd of XKK - The Clash in Curtis is now available.

This video has outstanding fights.  Some outstanding for the skill, heart and talent shown by the fighters in the ring and a few outstanding for the lack their of.  Either way you will have a great time watching this Dvd

See two great new Female fighters on the scene - Alysia Cantwell and Ozzy Ziola.  An amazing fight between Tommy Lee and Brian Geraghty

Also see what all the fuss is over Josh Neer.

Great fights and a great Dvd

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