Who has em? Why aren't they being posted yet?

I'm waiting for the results too. If anyone has them please post them.

Thanks in advance!


I dont remember all of them,but i know that Kyle Jensen got totally screwed in his match with Joey Clark.

The match went to a 3 round JD and they called it a draw.

Thing is that in all three rounds Kyle got Joey's back,with hooks in and flattened out Joey while he hit him working for a choke,Joey did get out of this position every time but once (iirc) and Joey had some awesome takedowns but i did not feel like it was enough.

I think with a crowd full of Clark supporters the judges felt a draw was the best idea.

Guthmiller's fight also went to a draw(which was a draw imo)

Fulton took out Long in the Second round from Punches from oppisite guard,after Long did a little G-n-P of his own in the first round.

Great Show all in all,but the Jensen-Clark fight was a disapointment (due to the judges) the fight itself was a war and Clark showed he had a lot of heart continuing to fight from bad positions.

bump for complete results

Guthmiller's fight was a draw in your opinion Dudley?? You're probably one of four or five people that were there that felt that way. Guthmiller got outstruck consistantly, by Nick Thompson.In the first round he was getting competely tooled on his feet, failing every takedown attempt he had. In round two, he was getting outstruck again when he got a takedown at about a minute and a half in to the round. He landed MAYBE 5 effective blows from WITHIN Thompson's gaurd, went to cross sides and was immediately reversed. Thompson went to cross-sides landed several knees and elbows and then got mount. He was being effective in mount until the ref STOOD THEM UP!!! Yes from MOUNT! I see that round as a 10-9 in favor of Thompson as well. With the last round being lots of fence work and clinching, I would give that round a draw. If you think Jensen got screwed I think you're crazy to think Thompson didn't.

I also find it a bit amazing that every time a hometown favorite fights in XKK he never loses a decision. Joey Clarke was given a draw, Black was given the win against Wisnewski, and Guthmiller was given a draw against Nick Thompson. I've seen all three of these fights and am just baffled by the judges.

Also, they (the XKK) need to stick with and enforce the rules they cover in the fighters meeting. When you are told that you will be warned ONCE for violations and this (the meeting) is your warning, that's how it should be. Guthmiller was warned no less than 5 times by the ref for grabbing the cage, with no points being deducted. Simply amazing. This is by no means a slam on Guthmiller, he's a very cool guy and has a huge heart. I fault the promotion.

with all due respect Pat, your probably a little bias in your opinion of a FFA fight.

"This is by no means a slam on Guthmiller, he's a very cool guy and has a huge heart. I fault the promotion."

true. sometimes its an instinct that cannot be avoided. like flinching for example. the promotion is responsible.

I thought it was a great show I dont agree with the judges I thought Jenson won no doubt although I am a big fan of Clarks!

I love XKK thnx for everything I had a blast I didnt expect so much love I cant wait till next time!

RKing, I agree, in Thompson's case I am certainly biased, however the others (Wisnewski and Jensen) have no affiliation with me what-so-ever. The reality is, I have sat ringside at well over 200 professional fights as both a cornerman and a fan and I KNOW who won that fight between Thompson and Guthmiller.

RKing, FFA fighters (Freestyle Fighting Academy) are from down south,Florida actually.We are Strasser's Freestyle Academy. I'm sure you know the difference, I just don't want them (FFA) catching any heat for things I may say.

Dying Breed you are absolutely correct. If a fighter is not penalized, he is not gonna conscienciuosly NOT grab the cage. It's instinct. Guthmiller is a class dude, as was Menne and the rest of their corner.

Anybody have results of the other fights? Appreciate it.

I thought the Guthmiller fight was alot closer then the Jensen fight,i was sitting kinda far back so i didnt get the best view.

The Guthmiller fight (iirc) was more of a stalemate in the clinch,i do agree that Daryl was on the bad end on the standing game,cept the clinch.And when they were on the ground it was back and forth with a possable edge to Daryl,thats why i thought the draw was ok in that fight.

The Clark-Jensen fight was another story.

And im not at all biased on that fight,ive talked to Clark alot more then i have Jensen-both are very cool guys,i just thought Kyle deserved the nod that night.

If i was one of 4-5 other people who felt that way,you must have only been talking to your buddies,i was with 4 other people and they all felt a draw was fair.

I heard others saying Daryl was screwed.

Naw, Dudley. Seeing as how it was only Nick and I up there together, my buddies woulda had a hard tme commenting on the fight to me. Scott Ferrozzo (Sp?) came up and said directly to me "Your boy got screwed." There was four other guys that were from Minnesota standing together that said the same thing after saying they were fans of Guthmiller's. Whomever thought Daryl got screwed are simply hometown fans. There's no way Guthmiller did anything to Thompson to put him in ANY danger throughout the fight. Thompson dictated pace, kept and/or put the fight where he wanted it and was closer to finishing Daryl than Daryl was Nick. After rewatching the video, I woulda scored the fight 10/9 10/9 10/10. Guthmiller was mounted on the ground escaping only because the ref stood it up. He couldn't pass gaurd to any effect as he got reversed, side mounted and then full mounted, when he did pass. Don't know man, I thought it was close but clear who won.

Your boy does throw some nice combos though;)

Obviously I am biased and think that I won the fight. That being said, i have three things I want to say about that fight.

First, and foremost, I have nothing but respect for daryl. He came at me with everything he had for the entire fight and showed both heart and class.

Second, one judge called the fight a 30 to 30 fight. That means that he called the first round a tie. Anyone that saw that fight and thought that I didn't win the first round was either intoxicated or directly related to daryl.

Lastly, the ref. stood the fight up when I had mount and was working elbows. He didn't even warn me that I wasn't working (probably because i was infact working elbows) That is the single worst ref job I have ever seen. Mount is the most dominating position in fighting. To stand a guy up from mount when the guy on top is working and had only gotten into the mount 30 seconds prior is a joke.

ttt for someone posting the vid of the Jensen/Clark fight.

e-mail Jeff Paul for the video... I don;t believe there will be a posting of the vid