XMA -Xtreme Martial Arts TV show

New show commences tonight on national geographic chanel for those with pay TV.

Unsure what it's like worth a look. 730pm tonight Sun 11 Jan.


Discovery Channel...

I think its the same one that was on in the states. Plenty of musical kata and chi blasts, and so on and so forth.

It ate cock!

those guys were deadly. did you see how much power they got out fo those summersault double flip kicks? mad shit!

i dont know why the ufc hasnt allready asked them to sign.


There was only one thing about the show that I found impressive. A 65 year old Asian man, a Kung Fu Master, who on outward appearances looked like he was about 90 years old, but with the leg strength of Tom Platz, and the agility and balance of a cat.

Really cool stuff.

BenBJJ, when you turn six years old in the next couple of months, be sure to beg mummy to let you do Kung Fu.

i know this 6 year ive been seeing for a couple of months and he......................sorry out loud again!!!!!! ;)

Cobras - good to see you're finally chasing some older boys.

I thought that 65 year old guy was impressive also.

The show was well made, it's just a pity they were so focused on such wanky styles.