Xmas, back to its orignial meaning

I feel the very nature of the Christmas holiday has been corrupted lately. The original meaning is totally lost now (but lately has made a bit of a come back, I think).

Do you guys agree?

Do you want to see Christmas back to it's orignial form, or do you like this new Christmas?

Oh and when I say it was corrupted I mean how it was corrupted by the Roman Empire and turned into celebration of the birth of Christ.

Orignially it was the celebration of the winter soltice. People had fun, gave gifts, ate food etc. . . Then the whole Christ thing was introduced and it really lost it's orignial meaning.


Yeah I know, Im kinda trolling, but what do u guys think about the subject?

I agree with that Joe Ray.

I think its ok to celebrate christmas as the birth of Christ. Its just another way to honor the memory of a person who has been so important to so many people for the last two thousand years.

Actually, what you describe is a "corruption" of the original. B/c the original Saturnala festival winter solstice was originally about honoring gods and praying for good harvests and such. It was founded upon religion albeit pagan ones and slowly evolved into a rather general festival, but still maintained some religious undertones. The Christians, as I understand it, recognized the pagan worship involved and chose to honor not another god, but Christ.


I say put the X back in X mas.

I get a little frustrated with people getting all religious about a little non threatening baby in a manger. The fact is Jesus was the guy who stormed the temple, called church people hypocrites and got nailed to a big piece of wood. The X has been a symbol of Jesus and the cross forever, lets put the X back in xmas.

Oh and those pagans, they sure know how to party.

the rev

I heard a man speaking on the radio the other day and according to him the X was always the sign for Christ.

I hate Christmas. The only reason it is worth any thing to me... is that I work in retail so Christmas equalls overtime and bigger pay checks. As a society we are so f'n brain washed by media that it is christmas time now go and blow money on useless crap. I suppose if all those suckers didn't shop so much during the holidays our economy would crumble so...I guess I just need to get used to it.

PS Christmas music sucks too.

Bah Humbug on you scrooges!

I thought Christmas was about eating lots of cookies ...and taking naps ...


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