Xmas newsletter, religion warning

Hello friends,

Its a bit different, Christmas in Oz. Instead of nice
seventy degrees days, with a bit of a chill in the air
come evening time, we have long hot muggy summer days,
and thunder showers at night. They don't go quite as
over the top with the commercialism here, but its
still all around. Decorations, piped in carols, Santa
Claus. I used to get angry about the whole thing.
Now I am a bit softer, the truth is, I love giving
presents, and if I am honest I love getting them as
well. A few years ago I made the connection, on this
day we are celebrating God's ultimate present to us.
Maybe its an excuse so I can enjoy myself, and I am
okay with that.

This year I am planning our Christmas eve service here
in Melbourne. I have done this most Christmas eve's
for the last ten years. For me it is a special time.
A time to reflect on God becoming flesh. A time to
reflect on Jesus humility, and love. And to reflect
on my response to this amazing act.

I allow myself to hear the Father ask the same
question of me, that was asked of the Son, "will you
go, leave all behind, and live with them, be one of
them, suffer along side of them, and share with them
my love?" It is a hard question. One that I often
don't answer in the way I would like.

Sometimes it is a big deal, a major thing. The last
few years I have been asked will you move your family
to another country, sell most of your belongings, and
start a new life? Thats a big one. Funny, but the
big ones seem easier to answer correctly. They seem
somehow much more significant, much more important.
Of course Lord, I will go serve you in another
country. But God, is also a God of little things.

Lately I have heard these questions:

Will you leave the comfort and fun of the computer, to
make your daughters breakfast, pack their lunch, and
spend some time in the bible and in prayer with them
before school?

Will you leave your important spot as conference
speaker, to help in the kitchen with the dishes?

Will spend a train ride talking to a drunken man
grieving over his fathers death?

Will you stay home from Jiu Jitsu to care for your
sick wife, or to spend some time with your daughters?

Will you get our of your comfortable bed, and spend
some time with Me?

Its these little questions that seem so much harder to
me. I wish I could tell you all that I jumped up and
said of course I will Father, but sadly I have refused
more than I care to admit. But God asks. Will you be
Jesus today? The world really needs a few more.

So this Christmas season, I hear God asking, will you
be my gift to the world today? And I feel selfish, I
feel rebellious, I feel tired. "but I was God's gift
to the world yesterday" :) I say to my Father. But
he keeps nudging me. I hope I can do better this

Do you hear God talking? He was thinking about what
to get your neighborhood for Christmas, and the best
idea He could come up with...

is you


Please pray for our health, nothing to serious just
seem to be getting colds, flu's and very bad allergies
more frequently than is normal.

Also please pray for the growth of our little church
in Footscray, pray that we will be more and more able
to be a blessing to those more unfortunate ones in our

Please pray for our finances to become more secure, we
are still quite a bit under budget

If you would like support us in our work here in
Australia you can send a check or money order please
make it out to

Team Revolution,

and send it to:

Kathleen Jensen
883 Woodside Ln E. #3
Sacramento, CA 95825

If you are in Australia, and would like to contribute
please email me your address and I will send you our
ministry donor forms.

thanks again and may God bless you this Christmas

the Jensen family

ttt till the New Year, and forever ...

thanks mate

the rev

God Bless Sir! My Prayers are with you and your family.

Fearless Goat

ttt for the rev! Hoping your first Christmas in Australia is a joyous and memorable one


Thanks Byron, you guys really have made me feel at home.

the warning was so those that don't like this stuff could avoid it if they wanted to. More an acknowledgement that this is a mma site, and that though I am a fighter, this is not an mma post. Kiriks endorsement on the thread should keep some of the negative comments away, but probably won't :)

thanks again

the rev

Mike, this is a big boys thread, please go back to the Aussie forum.

the rev

My family and I will be in prayer for your ministry and family. Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

PS-Are you teaching jj/mma in Oz or training elsewhere?

"lol@religion warning....its sad weve reached that point in society."

very true

ttt and Merry Christmas

Yes I am teaching and training at Dominance Jiu Jitsu in Melbourne Australia. Great school and a great bunch of guys. I teach the mma classes, the kids classes, and one bjj class.

the rev

Kirik said til the new year :)

the rev