Xmas or Oshogatsu ?

Enson, What kind of holiday bash do you have for the Purebred clan? I'm guessing it would be for New Years rather than Christmas? With that said, What is your resolution for 2005? Another appearance in the ring? or are you concentrating on training some of your fighters now?
Merry Christmas, Happy New year, and God Bless you and your family!

I`m having at party at my house in Omiya. for Xmas because for New Years I will be in Kids corner in Osaka. Resolution?? Finish my uncut Yamatodamashii documentary.

Uncut version of your documentary? on DVD this time? make it region free for us stateside? BTW, just got back from RAW training center: talked with an Purebred Omiya transplant-Kengo Ura. Kare wa Gambatteruyou. Rico says,"Hi!"

cool, can't wait! also, good luck with KID's fight. I am sure he will be ready.