Xmas wish list

Here's what i would really like for the new year:

HW's: V. Klit vs Lennox....W.Klit vs Sanders.....Mesi vs Guinn

Cruiser/LHW's: RJJ vs Toney (although i think RJJ blows him out), Braithwaite vs Jirov, Tarver vs Michalczewski/Gonzalez

Super MW's: Ottke vs Green, Calzaghe vs Mundine (out with the old, in w/ the new.....maybe)

MW's, Jr MW: Hopkins vs DeLaHoya, Trinidad vs Mosely (c'mon, who would't want to see that!)

Jr MW, WW: Vargas vs Mayorga (battle of wills), Margarito vs Spinks

Jr. WW: Tsyzu vs Judah (yes, I want to see the rematch), Hatton vs Cotto, Hatton vs Gatti, Judah/Tsyzu vs Mayweather

LW, SF: Lazcano vs Freitas, Freitas vs Corrales, Cassamayor vs Chavez

F's -: Morales vs Paquaio vs Marquez

That's it....not asking much i don't think....

Heavyweight: V. Klitschko v Sanders

Cruiserweight: Braithwaite v Bell

Light Heavyweight: Tarver v Gonzalez

Super Middlweight: Calzaghe v Green

Middleweight: Hopkins v ODH

Jr. Middleweight: Mosley v Wright

Welterweight: Spinks v Margarito or Spinks/Judah

Jr. Welter: Mitchell v Tszyu II (Actually happening)& Tszyu v Mayweather

Lightweight: Freitas v anyone with a name

Jr. Lightweight: Corrales v Casamayor II (Actually happening)

Featherweight: Marquez v Pacman

Jr. Featherweight: Rafael Marquez v Oscar Larios

Hater - Excellent wish list. But why do you want Oscar to take a beating? :-)

MM, I think Oscar would do a little better than most think.

That being said I wouldn't mind seeing Bernard give him a thorough beating because you know Nard's gonna get raped at the negotiating table if this fight is made.

Heres Bernard Fernandez's list for Santa to help out the sport:


Heavyweight: Jones vs. Toney

Cruiserweight: Braithwaite vs. Mormeck

Light-Heavyweight: Tarver vs. Gonzales

Super Middleweight: Ottke vs. Calzaghe

Middleweight: Hopkins vs. Mosley

Jr. Middleweight: Wright vs. Mayorga

Welterweight: Spinks vs. Judah (might actually be interesting)

Jr. Welterweight: Tszyu/Mitchell winner vs. Mayweather

Lightweight: Freitas vs. Dorin

Super Featherweight: Casamayor vs. Morales

Featherweight: Pacquaio vs. Marquez

Jr. Featherweight: Larios vs. R. Marquez

I wanna see Bernard get paid