Xobx Error Help

My Xbox says that it Can't reconize the disc and to make sure that it is either an Xbox game of DVD. I was wondering if any of you know how to fix this, or where I can go to learn how to fix it.

Howdy. Which game? Is it new? Did you rent it? How old is your xbox? Why don't you have a mod-chip yet?

I got the xbox the first day it came out. I dont have a mod chip. It does it with all games. Where can I get a modded xbox online and then how do I copy games?

Bugger, so it's out of warranty. Probably got a Thomson cd drive which were a bit dodgy. You may have to get a new one I'm afraid.

For the chip Best way is to find someone locally. Go to xbox-scene.com, or do a search on Google for xbox chips. I wouldn't recommend getting one on-line and doing it yourself unless you're good with electronics. You'll have to get a new box from the sound of it anyway. You can probably get whole pre-modded xboxs on-line somewhere, but generally you modify a standard one.

The hardest part is getting someone reliable to do it for you, that's why I say try and get it locally. The hardest part is finding someone to do it... Australia has the most xboxs per capita in the world, and we love ripping off M$, so I see more modded boxes in the southern hemisphere, I had 4 people who were like vying for my business... Crazy.

Once it's there, there's no problems excpet for 4 or 5 games with very basic copy protection, which just needs a file to fix which is easy to get off the net.

sell your old xbox off ebayer. You can get about $60 for it.