XP 64 vs. Vista

Just put together a new computer. Quad-core processor with 4 gigs of RAM, and I need a new operating system. I've heard bad things about vista -- should I get ahold of a copy of xp 64 or bite the bullet and get vista?

Bah, I just ordered a new Dell and they said I couldn't downgrade to XP. How much does XP64 cost?

UCLApimp - Bah, I just ordered a new Dell and they said I couldn't downgrade to XP. How much does XP64 cost?
Make sure it will even install with the hardware, there might be drivers that aren't available for XP64.


You must be nucking futs if you're liking Vista :)

But seriously, it's a steaming pile of doggy do. When Microsoft higher-ups are doing interviews talking about all the things they did wrong with releasing Vista you know they have a lemon on their hands. Other than placing huge hardware demands on users to get average at best performance it did absolutely nothing well or better than XP, unless you count gadgets or aero as some must haves.

Vista is the second coming of Windows ME

That is crap, why does Microsoft scrap XP, just so we can deal with the pile of S that vista is? I haven't really used it myself, but all the IT nerds I know say that it totally sucks.

What options do we have if we don't want to use it?

At this point I'd use XP. In fact since I had to install XP with bootcamp on my macbook that is exactly what I did. It is mature, stable and about as secure as any M$ product.

If vista offered anything for its higher requirements it might be worth considering. Well it does offer reduced performance, less compatibility and less stability if you consider those features.

I'm not gonna come out and say its as bad as windows ME, but it does smack of an OS release for the sake of a release rather than any kind of major jump in functionality.

 ^^ same, Vista64 , I disabled all of the annoying pop-ups and most of the overkill security features. I have no issues with it at all and rather like the new looking gui.

Wouldn't use it on a pc with less than 3gigs ram however.