XP Help

My computer is running really slow, I have spybot and adware 6.0 and can't figure out what the problem is?
Am I running to many things on start up, and if I am how do I fix it, and what do I remove?
Is there anything else I should do or check for? :)

What are the specs of your computer? Also, update your virus protection and run a full system scan (boot into safe mode if you have to), because it could be a virus running in the background.

Also, hit ctrl-alt-del and open the task manager. Under the Processes tab, what's the name of the executable that's taking up your CPU resources? Also click on the Performance tab, what range is your CPU usage in?

I'm really tired but I'll check back otmorrow when I hopefully have more energy to write

I updated my virus protection and ran a full system scan, not the problem :)
Ok, here's the thing I'm blonde, female and retarded when it comes to computers ;) Plus it's a gateway, never buy one!
In task manager under processes-29???
System idle process under CPU goes from 97 to 98 mem usage 20k, but on the bottom CPU usage goes from 10 to 94% while in the main window the CPU stays at about 97?
Thanks for the help ;)

Harely, if adaware and spybot dont speed things up

also if using McAfee, i would recommend Norton since its not always running in teh background scanning everything in sight

aso try this

go Start/Run and Type MSCONFIG, go to the startup Tab

then uncheck most of the things there except for Norton (antivirus program of ur choice) and few otehr necessary things

or post whats loading here so we can let u know

or u can check out www.blackviper.com (believe thats the addy)