After installing the SP 2 my Canon Multipass Printer will not execute. The eror messes tells me I need to reinstall the drivers. I unistalled & reinstalled but it didn't fix problem???? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Which drivers did you use?

The drivers that came with the printer or did you download new drivers from Canon's website?

The ones from the website.


The only thing I can suggest is going back to their website and looking around on their tech support area.

Perhaps send them an email and/or call them? They may have a fix.

I will try and poke around on their site as well.

What is the exact make and model printer?

It's not a stolen printer is it? lol

Try this...

  1. Boot in Safe Mode
  2. Remove all multipass software from add/remove programme
  3. Delete the default folder for Canon Multipass (programs folder)
  4. Open registry and search for "canon" & "multipass"
  5. Delete all related registry highlighted for the above
  6. Restart PC and start windows normally
  7. Install Multipass software and Driver for Printer.

what hunting said

I will try that thanks. I did find a work around Canon website.