Xtreme Fight Night 2 at Hard Rock



Nice!!!! Can't wait! Phone Post

i love that head kick. it was great! mr cook, you gonna get me a couple of tickets to this show and we can have my manager of the year ceremony?

;-) most def

on 19 after the fights too!

with ring girls of the year and Micky Ward

 Kenny Giddens I am the new highlight... LOL


Lyles is buying the first round on 19! Phone Post

Hopefully Charlie Wrights sister is there, she knows how to party!!

Mepaqehe - 
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The Marvelous One - Hopefully Charlie Wrights sister is there, she knows how to party!!

 I wonder how drunk she'll be this time.

Update: 2/01 4:21 pm

UPDATE -- Below is a statement released from David Stewart, CEO Cherokee Nation Businesses.

The unprecedented winter storm we are experiencing caused damage to one portion of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tulsa this morning. The damage was confined to an area that was the original structure, built in 1992. The area affected holds electronic games and a poker room.

Our restaurants, concert venue “The Joint,” convention center, hotel towers and retail operations were not affected and continued to function normally.

Sometime before 9 a.m. an employee noticed some stresses in the sheetrock and notified a supervisor. The general manager was called to assess the situation and made the proactive decision to remove staff and guests from the area. Since it occurred so early in the morning, fewer than 100 guests were on the casino floor at the time the damage was sustained, and all were removed in an orderly fashion to another area of the casino. No one was in the affected area at the time the damage occurred, and it is the only area that remains closed at this time.

We are so very thankful to the employees that first noticed the issue and called it to the attention of management. Their swift, proactive response is exactly what we expect from them, and we are so fortunate to have such a vigilant


Platypus -  Kenny Giddens I am the new highlight... LOL

Yeah, I thought that was pretty crappy.

How come XFL never has a website updated?? Not upcoming fight card.... Not a list of current Champions... Not a lick of useful information... WTF??
I guess it was Nate keeping the website updated in between jack sessions???


For the "Got Slammed?" Tees hit me up asap!!!!

No it should be one if my pics!!!!!! Phone Post