Xtreme Kage Kombat 2-5-04 Mpls.

Hope everybody had good holidays. I am glad it is getting over so fight season can begin.

Feb. 5th MN Sports bar and Cafe ( Formerly Spikers) 8:00 Fridley MN. http://www.msf1.org/Minnesota_Sports_Cafe.htm for directions.

Tickets 612-382-9717.

Any body that wants to help pass out flyers and post  some signs that would be great. XKK office location is in Hopkins, MN. We have some cool shirts for those that want to help???

We are planning another great night of fights.

Everybody should have received DVD's from all shows.   DVD's are available from all previous shows. Fighters 15.00 + 2 for shipping. Everybody else 20.00 + shipping.   

Thanks, Jeff Paul     651-248-9516 or xkkjp@yahoo.com



Nick... wheres mah m'erf'en telefono call !

Any confirmed fights yet??

Sorry jaydub. I would go to the UFC as well if I had that choice.

ttt for jeff and nick. hope you guys had a great christmas!

Any confirmed fights yet?? - Got to start hounding Nick for line up. He is working on some really good fights.

Nick... wheres mah m'erf'en telefono call ! - Same place as your shirt. It is going to be worn out by the time you get it back!!!!!!!




We need some guys to help with signs and flyers if anybody is interested? 651-248-9516