XXXtreme Impact .TJ Dec 28th


ttt for a very good event hopefully tijuana can have more of these match-ups in the future...

TJ is fun!!! I've been to 2 fights over there, one at Baby Rock, the other at..... wait, where was that one we went to Eric, Ensanada?



Are they allowing elbows in these fights? also how much are the box seats. how big does the group have to be to get box seats...

Elbows and knees on the ground......The boxes hold six but seats can be bought indiviually ...They range fron $50 to $100 ...They are set up like horse racing boxes if you know what I mean ......I can be reached at 559-994-9002 if interested in reserving ....Thanx


hmmmm, sounds like a good card. do KOTC ppv broadcasters get good seats??


Weve got plenty of good seats


TTT for Sherk!

Charles Diaz interview up on Sherdog forum.




pretty good interview....I will be interested to see how he does against the #2 WW in the world.

His wrestling may be good....but this ain't wrestling.

His striking maybe good....but this ain't boxing.

He mentions subs....and that his are "good", but this isn't a submision wrestling match.

This is MMA...the whole package, and that sums up Sherk.

I've never seen this guy fight....and anything can happen....but my money is on SHERK.

Sherk by GNP, round 1.

errrr, a lot of people haven't seen Charles Diaz fight, or don't know they have. He is no pushover, and was the IFC WC champion for a while and was running thru people in those shows. He fought by the name Charles Taylor at that time. The record on Sherdog is incomplete, and the guy is a badass. I doubt his wrestling is as good as Sherk, although it might be, but in all other facets of the game I give to Taylor the advantage. This fight will be a war, and could very well end up being a big upset.

Fighting Sherk in his first fight in 4 years isnt the best idea imo,This guy must be confident in his skills.

true, and true