Xyience 60 cents at Big Lots

I was just in Big Lots and while I've never been able to find any of the bars, I did see that they had cans of Xyience for .60 cents each. I don't know how much they usually sell for, but I know that's got to be a pretty good deal. Just thought I'd pass it along.

is that the Xynergy or Xydrate?


Thats Xywesome

I bought some, I hope they don't taste like...

taste like the original gatorade

I figured they tasted like crap, since none of the guys who are sponsored by them seem to want to drink it.

lol @ "Xywesome"

60 cents is priced right.

I bought the NOX drink mix($79 retail) for $20 a can at a Xience promo and I thought that was about the right price.

Ha ha that's funny, I was going to post the same thing. Just bought me a case...