Xyience...good for weight loss?

Sup fellas,

Looking to drop some winter weight and I picked up nox-cg3. I stopped using supplements when I stopped training about 5 years ago, but I wanted something to give me an extra boost this time around.

I can lose weight with absolutely no problem. I guess I'm sort of a yo-yo dieter. Ultimately my question is how will Xyience help me lose weight? Anyone with some experience using nox-cg3, I'd appreciate some of your results. Thanks in advance.

nox cg-3 should work, you should lift some weights too....UGH SON

question: shouldn't you have asked B4 you bought the stuff?

Its true.

i smell marketing.

stay away from that bullshit.

this isnt a tae bo forum.

From: SwampRocker

question: shouldn't you have asked B4 you bought the stuff?

No doubt I should have, but I was at GNC and I figured oh well. Don't usually do stuff like that, but it happened. Nonetheless, I'm skeptical and that's why I asked the question.

As for the other "5 billion cheaper and better products", do you have any specific ones in mind? I was overwhelmed by the sheer variety of products available now. All those glossy, cool, and colorful labels intimidated me lol. So I just bought Xyience since it was one of the few I knew by name. Back when I used to be into this stuff there wasn't nearly as much of a variety.

Anyway, thanks for some of the input fellas.

P.S- I'll keep creatine monohydrate in mind next time.

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Yeh it's good for weight loss ... in your wallet!

Nox-CG3 is NOT a weight loss product. It's basically fancy creatine to help recover from workouts and fill your muscles full of water to temporarily look better.

They do have their own weight loss products, XLR8 or XFB which is roughly caffine pills and not too different than the million other so called Thermogenic without ephedra pills that are out there.

Yeh it's good for weight loss ... in your wallet!

Damn SB, you beat me too it!

Thanks for the informative posts fellas. Guess I'll just finish up the nox-cg3 and next time just buy some
creatine monohydrate. Btw, you're right about losing weight in my wallet.

I just figured that since it's been so long that I haven't bought supplements, 70 dollars was the price range now. Looked up some stuff earlier and I was suprised at how much more Xyience products are than just about everything similar on the market.

notes to self - ask the UG first next time, and don't go to GNC when you're very late for a meeting

Or if you really want Xyience you can probably get it for 30-40 bucks on the internet at some places.

I've had my issues with protein powder in the past of various brands, however...Xyience doesn't sell protein powder.

Xyience Nox CG3 is a creatine supplement desinged to help workouts. I don't even think there is any protien poweder in it at all. Xyience doesn't even sell protein powder in any form. Are you trolling?

Geez, I guy using it for Weight Loss another using it for weight gain, their marketing is amazing. Don't people research anymore before ingesting things into their bodies? They could stick blue koolaid in there, slap 80 bucks on a fancy tin can, have Chuck say that Xyience is extreme and 5 millions sales of the crap that people don't even know what it is designed for.

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From: FearMir

Date: 04/26/06 02:06 PM

Xyience Nox CG3 is a creatine supplement desinged to help workouts

So, by helping me with my workouts (possibly allowing me to do a few more reps or run a few more minutes) will it have an indirect effect of helping me lose weight? I know it wasn't designed as a weight loss product, but is what I'm thinking logical?

If that is correct, then I guess any creatine-based product would suffice like other people suggested.
This is why I've stayed away from supplements during my dieting/working out over the last few years. Too many differing opinions and nothing that seems to be solid. Thanks in advance.

Yes it would. Better workouts = better shape..but yeah...you shouldn't pay that much for Xyience. I actually do use the stuff, but my friend at a supplement store gave me a couple of tins for X-Mas. I still have an unused one if you want to buy it..lol

Good Luck dude!

I still have an unused one if you want to buy it

You should've asked that BEFORE you gave me advice on it lol. Thanks again bro.

"coercion"- douglas rushkoff

Muscletech also makes good creatine monohydrate supplements.