Xyience Training Ctr & Rick Davis

I sent this letter to the Xyience Training Center and wanted to make it public.

It's a FRAT - so to sum, Rick Davis is an awesome guy and an incredible reprsentative to the XTC and for martials arts in general.

Thanks Rick!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Xyience Training Center
Attn: Owners/Managers
3655 South Durango
Suites 5-6
Las Vegas NV 89147

Dear Owners and managers of the Xyience Training Center:

I spent the week of Thanksgiving in Las Vegas NV this year. Having spent several vacations in this fine city I was expecting the typical great nightlife, fabulous shows, and delicious meals. What I was not necessarily expecting was the absolute best example of customer service that I had ever experienced – but I did thanks to Mr. Rick Davis and the Xyience Training Center (XTC).

On the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving I showed up to XTC for a workout, but unfortunately I had an old schedule and had to wait an hour for the MMA class which turned out to be canceled that day. Mr. Davis not only drove me back to my hotel, saving me cab fare, but also invited me to train with the XTC members on Thanksgiving day.

It is important for me to readdress the last line of the previous paragraph – Mr. Davis, on his day off, not only made himself available to your members itching for a little Holiday mat time but also made himself available to an out-of-town tourist (me) who was interested in your training center. And he picked me up at and dropped me off at my hotel! What tremendous dedication to XTC and to XTC's students; what extraordinary effort to help a fellow martial art practitioner to get in a workout. Mr. Davis is a true gentleman and one of the most friendly people I have had the courtesy of meeting.

As a business owner and former manager of other institutions I have had the pleasure of hiring dozens of people and, unfortunately, letting a similar number of people go. I have worked directly with scores more and, as we all have, been in contact with hundreds of vendors, salesmen, trainers, and other folks who not only need technical knowledge but are relied upon by their employers for their dedication to customer service.

It is in my experienced opinion that Mr. Davis is an invaluable asset to the Xyience Training Center. From one business owner to another, Mr. Davis is the type of person that I would be proud to represent me. You have got a real star on your team – you should know this and Mr. Davis deserves to be told.

I look forward to getting back to the Xyience Training Center as soon as possible.


Allen Harris

Classy post deserves a 'ttt'

Good stuff...


ttt for Rick!  I miss the XTC...


"If this is the same Rick Davis who fought Krazy Horse and Melvin Guillard, he's also a hell of a fighter."

That's him.

He was actually pretty humble about it. It actually came up within the context of our conversation as opposed to "yeah, I fought in the UFC. I'm somebody...".


nice letter

Hi McQuaid. I picked up your latest issue of Real Fighter last night at Barnes & Noble.

A subscription to your fine rag is on my Xmas list:)

That's just Rick.

Nice letter.

Thanks AlwaysInjured! I hope you've been good this year.