Y "Page" rumored to fight Liddell?

UFC 71: MAY 26, 2007 ON PPV (location TBA)

-Chuck Liddell (#1 Light Heavyweight in the World)* vs. Quinton Jackson (#7 Light Heavyweight in the World)*

I think its too early for him to get a title shot and he knows it as well

Yes, but Dana does not want to give Rampage any chance of beating Chuck again...so he will do what he can to make the fight as unfair as possible...even at the expense of the fans.

Chuck will not be his next fight.

no one said he doesn't deserve it..... he's just not ready for it YET!

Rampage has a 3 fight contract. The UFC doesn't grant title shots to fighters unless they are under contarct for multiple fights. He has already had a fight, if he is allowed to fight one more the title fight will be the last fightof his contract.

Rampage wants to hold off a title fight, for the same reason Diego wants it held off, to let the current contract expire and sign a more lucrative one when their leverage is at its highest.

If they fight in May and Chuck wins that sets up a huge 3rd fight for the end of 07. Personally, I'd rather see Rampage fight Jardine and Chuck fight Rashad.

Well at least we know the excuses we will hear when Liddell destroys
Rampage next time round. I don't understand why people say "he's not
ready" but in the same breath say Rampage will beat Liddell. He beat him
once, why is he "not ready" ready to fight him again. Has Liddell gotten
that much better or has Rampage lost it?

What happens if Rampage loses his next fight to say a Jardine then Chuck doesn't get his rematch and the fans lose out again. Could happen, and he was brought in so Chuck could get his rematch.

too much money on this fight for it not to happen

Yelm is correct

yelm, don't be foolish. This fight will go down eventually, regardless of what happens. Too much money wrapped up in it.