Yaaaay!!! Kings vs Clippers!! :)

And I get to watch it cause of this Socal Fox Sports crap!!! :) One of the few times that these socal fox sports channels are worth anything to me. :)

14 pt lead for the Kings at halftime. I'm not satisfied. With as many favorable calls as they had in the 2nd quarter they should have at least a 20 pt lead.

DAMNIT!!!! 82-76 Kings going into the 4th, but it was a 2 point game just a minute ago, this is terrifying!!!

*clings onto blanket and cowers in corner with one eye open*

105-95 Kings!! *throws soiled blanket into the laundry*

Peeler stepped up in place of Bobby Jackson with 14 pts and 5 boards.

I'm not as worried about this Massenburg and Peeler pickup as I initially was. They seem to be doing their part for the Kings, and Miller, lol, I'm not even gonna go into that. He's been kickin ass for them.

Peja was the leading scorer with 26 according to nba.com and 27 according to fox sports. lol

Turned out to be a good competitive game for a while there.

So Marco Jaric and Peja are homie's?? Makes sense, both are badasses. I just didn't know they were on the same Euro team.

They both played for the Jugoslavian team. Apparently Marko Jaric is hot, that's what my (at the time) GF told me when she saw him in the world championships. More than one source has told me that Jaric pulls the most ass in the NBA.

LOL!!! Wtf?!?! I don't think he's some mongrel or anything but that's surprising as hell, if true. Then again, there are many others in the NBA who could be playa's who have steady pieces of ass.

Oh, and someone had to counteract the gayness that bob brought in here. :)

Oh, and this isn't Eiko, but she's hot, and does a very good job of counteracting "bobisabovethehetero"'s gayness. ;) Rio Natsume


*cries knowing that I'll never have these women and that I should be happy if the Kings make it out of the 1st round*


If I post more gay shit, will you post more hotties?

No. lol