Yael and other GTA people..

Hi Yael,

I was wondering if you can help.

One of my students has a friend that lives in the Toronto area and is looking for a club.

She lives in the "the High Park area" Bloor and
High Park. (Sorry, I was born in T.O. but I only know the Markam area.)

She has never done any ground work but is very interested. I assume she would be in her late 30's, early 40's.

Is your club near this area? Can you recommend a club?


Pete Tremblay.
Total Fitness Martial Arts.

Pete, I think http://bjj.ca/location.html is closest

Actually there may be a bus she can take from one of the nearby subway stations in the high park area to train with Yael and the rest of us at Wagnney's. However, Mark Stables is an excellant guy, and I am sure his academy is a solid place to train.


I live at the corner of HighPark and Bloor! (well, Pacific, which is the next street up) -- what a small world.

The closest club is the one already listed, it's about a total of 35-45 min to get there (including wait times, transfers etc.).

You can see the training times at bjj.ca.

The easiest way to get there by public transport is to first take the subway from High Park station to spadina and get the street car to King Street. You'll know you're there because there's a very large backpackers hostel right at the corner. Sometimes the street-car doesn't go all the way down though so ask the driver if he's going as far as king. Even if he turns off it only adds another 2minutes walking to the club.

Once you get off at the corner go right until you get to 571(or 570?) King Street. You'll see a gas station - walk up the alley way and take the entrance marked "Film Green Studios".

If this friend wanted to train with Omar and Steve etc I could give TTC directions to their club. Unfortunately it's about 1.5+ hours by public transport.

hey pete, i think the above posts are pretty helpful. I personally train at wagnney fabiano's club (www.wagnneyfabiano.com) and i'm not exactly sure about transportation from high park but i'm guessing it might be easier for her to get to rebellion (www.rebellionjj.com) or white tiger downtown (as robert bentley pointed out).

If she really is interested in training i'd suggest trying out several clubs and seeing which one suits her the best. I'm happy to hear ther's another woman intersted in the sport...tell her she's always welcome to train with me and she can contact me if she likes at mocafrap@hotmail.com

See ya soon,

Yael, Gee Roxx, Kashk, Robert Bentley,

Thank you for the info, I will pass it on.

(You sure get spoiled in the Ottawa area. You get from one end of town to the other in 1/2 hour!)


White Tiger Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
570 King St. W. #102
Directions-Subway from High Park to Spadina Station, streetcar southbound to King St., 5 minute walk westbound to club(Portland St.)
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